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    Some thoughts on right guard Chance Warmack agreeing to contract terms with the Titans:

    Was Warmack being greedy? Not really. Unlike rookie deals of years past, money wasn’t an issue for Warmack or the Titans. As the 10th pick, his contract was worth a little more than $12 million, just like the deal cornerback Stephon Gilmore received from the Bills as the 10th pick last year. This stalemate was about offset language.

    Who won the standoff? The contract has offset language, so technically the Titans won. They will save money on guaranteed portions of the deal if for some reason they release Warmack and he signs with another team. Minus offset, Warmack could have “double dipped” — collecting from the Titans and the team that signed him. The contract for last year’s first-round pick, wide receiver Kendall Wright, also included offset language.

    How much will a five-day absence hurt him? In a week, everyone will forget he held out. He missed four practices (only one in full pads). And unlike second-rounder Justin Hunter, who missed most of the offseason practices because of an injury, Warmack was a full participant in organized team activities and minicamp.

    What should he expect now? He arrived at Saint Thomas Sports Park on Monday afternoon, prompting teammates to tweet about having the rookie pick up the dinner tab. It’s a given that he’ll catch some grief, but teammates won’t hold a grudge. Coaches will try to avoid overworking the big man, but by the end of the week he will feel the effects of NFL training camp.

    What does his presence mean for the offensive line? Coaches can now start zeroing in on the unsettled situation at center. In Warmack’s absence, veterans Fernando Velasco and Rob Turner alternated at right guard and center. Now, Velasco, Turner and rookie Brian Schwenke (when he recovers from a hamstring injury) will compete to start at center.

    What does he need to improve? The 6-foot-2, 323-pound bruiser was a dominant run blocker for the Crimson Tide. Improving his technique and eliminating bad habits in pass protection will be points of emphasis in training camp. He’ll get his first taste of true NFL speed in next week’s preseason opener against the Redskins.

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  2. CJtheBeast

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    Cheers to Warmack getting signed. Can't believe the O-Line this year. Went from all backups and liabilities to no liabilities and a sold line across the board. I'm expecting good things from our run game this year. If Warmack can become a dominant run blocker in the NFL then CJ might just put up Madden numbers again and make it really easy on Locker.

    Hoping to hear some good things from training camp.
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    hell ya

    p.s. how I got maybe 1/9th of the messages and only 400 less moola you slackin homes
  4. luvyablue256

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    CJ just needs to be effective. Quality vs. quantity.
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    Yea I remember when I had $1500 moolah.
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    The Sportsbook hasn't been kind to CJtheBeast..
  8. Fry

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    Damn. I didn't realize preseason was so close.

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    Yea man, a week or so til we play!
  10. ImATitan

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    Can't wait 'til the Redskins game!
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