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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by razordaman, Sep 9, 2012.

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    The Titans do not currently produce a quality product for their fans. This is what you get with an origanization who constatnly trys to skimp on players. Be it player salary, coaches, personnel directors etc. Here is a stat for you..we don't have one player that is better that any other player on the patriots at their position. Not one!! We don't have any players that are better than most other teams at their position either. So if no player on this team is any better that at least one other player on another team where what does it tell you?? Easy this organization sucks and with fans selling out all the games why would they care..their getting paid and laughing at the fans. Every bargain player they gets keeps more money in their pockets with the games already sold out who cares. This OLINE is the worst in the league. Bruce Mathews was a good player and the worst line coach in the league. Jerry Gray has no players on the defense hard to say of he sucks or not. Chris Palmer should be in high school coaching somewhere not in the NFL I'm sure it was a bargain to get him. Munchak is a classic yes man, getting paid to stand in front of the fans and nodding into the camera. Serious the organization has been going downhill for a while now and the best thing to do is to stop selling out games. I know I personally bought no gear this year as this willl probably be the last year I care about watching low talent bargain basement players play football against profession athletes heres looking at you Michael Griffin and CJ....Locker get out of here as fast as you can
    you won't learn anything here except how to lose.
  2. Alzarius

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    Half the teams in the NFL do worse than us. In fact, half the teams in the NFL will lose this week, just like us.

    When there are quality players at every position every season, then every team will have a quality product.
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