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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by RyansTitans, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. RyansTitans

    RyansTitans Good to be back.

    Just wondering if anybody from here would like to join an online franchise. My friends and myself are going to be taking it seriously and want to get it filled with others who want a serious and fun league.

    For those interested here is the details of the league so far. Things can change still settings wise so give suggestions.

    Also I own an HD PVR and a YouTube channel so Weekly stat leaders and player of the Week shows will be uploaded on my channel. Maybe even highlights of every week will be uploaded if you guys save your in game replays and post them in this thread for me to snag and edit into the Weekly show.

    League Name + Settings

    League Name - Salsa Dance
    League Password - cruz
    Fantasy Draft - No
    Trades - Yes (No CPU Trades)
    Skill Level - All Pro
    Minutes per quarter - 6
    Accelerated Clock - 20 seconds (Play clock goes to 20 seconds)
    Advance Time - Wednesday 2 AM EST, Saturday 2 PM EST


    No Going for it on 4th down when not necessary, unless it's 4th and 1 or inches. Or close to the goal line (1 yard away or inches).

    No two point conversions unless necessary.

    Teams Available

    Arizona Cardinals
    Atlanta Falcons - rolltide1915
    Baltimore Ravens - BCHmeNaKd
    Buffalo Bills
    Carolina Panthers
    Chicago Bears
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Cleveland Browns
    Dallas Cowboys - Ryan915
    Denver Broncos
    Detroit Lions
    Green Bay Packers
    Houston Texans - BtotheeV
    Indianapolis Colts
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Kansas City Chiefs - yf13250
    Miami Dolphins
    Minnesota Vikings
    New England Patriots
    New Orleans Saints - HImyNAMEisCHASE
    New York Giants
    New York Jets
    Oakland Raiders
    Philadelphia Eagles
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    San Diego Chargers
    San Francisco 49ers
    Seattle Seahawks
    St. Louis Rams
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Tennessee Titans
    Washington Redskins
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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