Projected Cap Figures for all NFL Teams

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    Another big factor that separates the Steelers from the Titans is drafting. The Steelers have done a very solid job of drafting since 2000 especially in the 1st 2 rnds where they have only missed on one guy out of 12 picks. And that was Alonzon Jackson who was taken with the 59th pick.

    Plaxico Burress
    Marvel Smith
    Casey Hampton
    Kendrell Bell
    Kendall Simmons
    Randel El
    Heath Miller
    Bryant McFadden
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    The Titans did some contracts for players at the end of their career which counted too much dead money for too long after they were gone, (i.e Bruce Matthews, Frank Wychek etc) ,
    and that contributed to the mess which lead to the wholesale purge of good Veteran talent (i.e Mason, Rolle etc)
Thread Status:
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