Pro-Marijuana Group Targets NFL

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Should the NFL stop punishing players for using Marijuana?

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  1. The Hammer

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    United States has a murder rate of 4.8. Venezuela (Communist dictatorship) has a murder rate of 45. Fourth highest in the world.
  2. Ten_Titans

    Ten_Titans Pro Bowler

    The difference in wealth per person is probably larger.

    Check China.

    The point is, there are plenty of good statistics related to things that are not good.

    And going further then that, I would be interested to find out if the traffic deaths are by population.

    If they aren't, that isn't even close to an unbiased statistic.
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  3. Alex1939

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    Let's see some evidence fellas. Unemployment is higher than normal right now and that's not even counting true unemployment (people no longer eligible for unemployment benefits)....

    So i want to see the hard facts that states with legalized marijuana suddenly have more unemployment since the law was passed than states that have not legalized marijuana under the same time frame.

    Cause I think it's 100% BS from old fogies not as cool as me. Cause I know that very very successful people smoke weed and aren't nearly as crazy as the people that binge drink until blacked out every friday and saturday night. And I should know!
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  4. GTFO my pancakz

    GTFO my pancakz S.D.M.F.

    I'm sure they're basing it off the same state so the population would be irrelevant.
  5. Alex1939

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    This should also be moved to the lounge before eventually it goes to taboo. Cause if my thread about the Titans stadium was not hardcore NFL topic enough to stay in the main forums, neither is a topic about a billboard in Denver.

    No offense the Hammer. I just like to give the mods a little poke every now and then.... ok all the time really. :cool:
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  6. The Hammer

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    LOL, I was debating whether it should go in the lounge when I first started the thread.
  7. CalgaryTitansFan

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    Glad it was posted here, I never wander my way into the lounge lol.

    As for the question, no the NFL should not test/punish for it. It's not like it gives a player a distinct advantage in any way shape or form, if anything it'll make you lazier/burnt out. So if they want to do it, go ahead, it's better than drinking, and drinking and driving.
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  8. CJtheBeast

    CJtheBeast Starter


    You should check out the studies on marijuana's effects on driving. news/2012/04/26/reasons-why-marijuana-users-are-safe-drivers

    The research that has been done on this phenomenon of marijuana smoking and driving has shown some interesting results:

    Research studies in the Netherlands at the Dutch Institute for Road Safety Research that drivers with blood alcohol rates of .5 percent up to .8 percent had accidents five times more than other drivers, and if it was higher amounts of alcohol, the results were accidents happening up to 15 times more often. But, the marijuana smokers actually showed these drivers posed NO risk at all!

    Top 10 Reasons Marijuana Users Are Safer Drivers

    When you combine all of the main results of these two decades worth of scientific research studies, the following 10 reasons marijuana drivers are safer than drunk drivers comes out like this:

    1. Drivers who had been using marijuana were found to drive slower, according to a 1983 study done by U.S. National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). This was seen as a factor in their favor, since drivers who drank alcohol usually drove faster and that is part of the reason they had accidents.

    2. Marijuana users were able to drive straight and not have any trouble staying in their own lanes when driving on the highway, according to a NHTSA done in 1993 in the Netherlands. The study determined also that the use of marijuana had very little affect on the person's overall driving ability.

    3. Drivers who had smoked marijuana were shown to be less likely to try to pass other cars and to drive at a consistent speed, according to a University of Adelaide study done in Australia. The study showed no danger unless the drivers had also been drinking alcohol.

    4. Drivers high on marijuana were also shown to be less likely to drive in a reckless fashion, according to a study done in 2000 in the UK by the UK Transport Research Lab. The study was done using driver on driving simulators over a period of a month and was actually undertaken to show that pot was a cause for impairment, but instead it showed the opposite and confirmed that these drivers were actually much safer than some of the other drivers on the road.

    5. States that allow the legal use of marijuana for medical reasons are noticing less traffic fatalities; for instance, in Colorado and Montana there has been a nine percent drop in traffic fatalities and a five percent drop in beer sales.

    The conclusion was that using marijuana actually has helped save lives! Medical marijuana is allowed in 16 states in the U.S.

    6. Low doses of marijuana in a person's system was found by tests in Canada in 2002 to have little effect on a person's ability to drive a car, and that these drivers were in much fewer car crashes than alcohol drinkers.

    7. Most marijuana smokers have fewer crashes because they don't even drive in the first place and just stay home thus concluded more than one of these tests on pot smoking and driving.

    8. Marijuana smokers are thought to be more sober drivers. Traffic information from 13 states where medical marijuana is legal showed that these drivers were actually safer and more careful than many other drivers on the road.

    These studies were confirmed by the University of Colorado and the Montana State University when they compared a relationship between legal marijuana use and deaths in traffic accidents in those states. The studies done by a group called the Truth About Cars showed that traffic deaths fell nine percent in states with legal use of medical marijuana.

    (To view our study on Drunk Driving vs. Alcohol-Related Traffic Deaths, click here.)

    9. Multiple studies showed that marijuana smokers were less likely to be risk takers than those that use alcohol. The studies showed that the marijuana calmed them down and made them actually pay more attention to their abilities.

    All of these tests and research studies showed that while some people think that marijuana is a major cause of traffic problems, in reality it may make the users even safer when they get behind the wheel!

    10. Marijuana smoking drivers were shown to drive at prescribed following distances, which made them less likely to cause or have crashes.

    Every test seemed to come up with these same results in all of the countries they were done in. Even so, insurance companies will still penalize any driver in an accident that has been shown to have been smoking pot, so this doesn't give drivers free reign to smoke pot and drive.
  9. CJtheBeast

    CJtheBeast Starter


    Our murder rates skyrocketed when alcohol was prohibited. When prohibition ended, so did a lot of the bloodshed.
  10. CJtheBeast

    CJtheBeast Starter


    I smoke and run a business. Have never been fired prior.

    I think people who drink and look down on marijuana users are stupid.
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