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    Our struggles in the run game is obvious.

    I think Matthews played C in most of the week 13 Texans game and against the following Colts and Jets games, before being hurt. The rest of the time it was Velasco.
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    PFF run defense grades

    D line:
    Wimbley - (-11.1)
    Marks - (-5.1)
    Casey - (18.1)
    Morgan - (1.9)

    Those are our starting 4 DL.

    Spot duty and limited snaps:

    Martin - (1.9)
    Klug - (-1.4)

    LB corps.

    Ayers - (2.1)
    Brown - (-1.1)
    McCarthy - (-9.2)
    Witherspoon - (-10.9)
    Shaw - (1.3)


    So Wimbley is basically the weak spot from a run defense point. His 255 frame on the line is just too easily over matched. 11 of his games played graded out negatively. Lowest grade of a (-2.6) against Chicago. The other six games he managed positive grades but the highest of only (0.9) on two occasions. Pit. and Buf.

    Witherspoon when looking at the weekly breakdown just had terrible games in run stop. He played in 11 games for us for a total of 393 snaps. 5 of those games were (-2) grades each. His highest positive grade for run defense came against SD. (0.9)

    McCarthy is kind of a surprise to also be in this category... He only played in 7 games for us. His grades still looked terrible in run defense (and pass D too but that's another story) he played 388 snaps. He only had one game grade positively with a (0.3). The rest of his grades ranged from (-1.2) to (-2.6). He played hurt. He was also a nonfactor.
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    copies this from another thread I made about our secondary. got zero attention. adding it here

    Titans coverage 2012-- breakdown of our secondary and some stats from last year to compare to as well. Along with how the secondary is affecting our D line.

    McCourty - targeted 97 times. Completed against - 63 -- 64.9% -- 12.7 yard average. 800 yards total. Played entirely on the left side.

    Verner - targeted 84 times. Completed against - 53 --63.1% -- 10.5 yard average. 556 yards total. Played entirely on the right side.

    Senseabaugh - 35/25 -- 71.4% -- 10.8 yard average. 270 yards total.

    Mouton - 48/36 -- 75% -- 8.8 yard average. 315 yards total.

    Griffin - 31/21 -- 65.6% -- 17.1 yard average. 360 yards total. 22 missed tackles.

    Babs - 51/33 -- 64.7% -- 12 yard average. 395 yards total


    Finnegan - 82/52 -- 63.4% --8.8 yard average. 456 yards total

    Verner - 66/37 -- 56.1 -- 9 yard average. 334 yards total

    McCourty - 117/71 -- 60.7 -- 11.3 yard average. 802 yards total.

    Griffin - 38/23 -- 60.5 -- 10.5% yard average. 241 yards total.

    McCourty has given up a lot of yards for sure. Of course he's been playing primarily against the number one WR... And the other thing is we don't move our corners around so we allow the offense to decide their own match ups... Kinda ridiculous.

    Our Nickel corners are obviously outmatched and need an upgrade. That probably comes by drafting a top corner in the draft and moving Verner to the slot where he can use his instincts better.

    Our safety play in coverage isn't the best but they allowed bigger plays by not making tackles when they need to. Griffin has zero fire.

    Now when you add in the basic theme that the quicker the D line gets pressure the faster the QB must throw the ball. While the secondary is supposed to force the QB to hold the ball longer and allow the D line to get to the QB...

    We didnt do horrible on pressure or sacks. We did have to pick up 12 of our 39 from LBs but we still got em.

    We had a grand total of 168 QB pressures for. Our entire defense with 89 coming from Morgan and Wimbley.

    Now comparing that to some much more aggressive defenses.

    Texans 165
    Ravens 141
    Steelers 106

    To me... This means we missed out on sacks.. We had the opportunities. If we pressured the QB, we were tenths of seconds away from sacks. Two things would help this defense greatly. Better coverage of course, maybe we need to swing for that CB sooner, and more pressure up the middle of the line. We were weak in that area.

    To me I think this falls on our sloppy secondary and the scheme... Possibly the padded cushion we give the WRs... Maybe our inability to play man.

    Food for thought.
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    Probably exhaustion. Have to remember these rookies are used to 12-13 college games a year and in the NFL with preseason they are playing in 20 games.
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    This disappoints me.
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    Im shocked the numbers are that good.

    playing CBs at least 5 yards off and backpedaling on the snap combined with the 20+ yards the safties start back - its just insane
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