Presenting the Nintendo Switch

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Fry, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. The Bukafax

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    A slow one I see.

    The PS4 is half the price of the switch at this time first and foremost. It not fair to judge PS4 in its 4th year versus a year 1 non-discounted product.

    First year PS4 and first year Switch are nearly identical in sales. Switch over the Xmas break as well as January and February will push it to around 18MM.

    On top of that the PS4 came out after the previous cycle lasted 8 years. People were thirsty in 2014. With people already established in this gen, it's quite amazing the Switch has put up PS4 numbers equivilant to its first year.

    Please tell me you aren't a memeber on ResetEra lol

    Edit- Just noticed those were USA numbers lol
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  2. Gunny

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    I notice anything negative for Nintendo - you have an excuse - and weak ones at that.

    I notice anything positive for it - you use conjecture.

    It's impressive that a console with a 70 million user base is still outselling the brand new thing. That's the story.
  3. The Bukafax

    The Bukafax Starter

    Yes, the excuse for Nintendo having to underproduce due to Apple taking the majority of the needed chip is a weak one. Comparing a heavily discounted $199 dollar device with 100s of games that are dirt cheap versus a $299 dollar device with a couple dozen games currently all near full price is a great example... lmfao okayyyy
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    Don’t mind gunny...he’s a lil slowski
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