Pre-Game Thread Preseason Game 4: Titans @ Vikings

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Aug 27, 2013.


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    Im personally more interested in the Liberty vs Kent State game
  2. Ewker

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    not true
  3. Ewker

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    any game will be better than the Titans/Vikings...high school football starts on Thursday also..I think
  4. GoT

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    pittsburgH SUCKS!
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  5. ImATitan

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    Locker will probably play one series, Fitz the rest of the half and then it's time for Rusty all 2nd half.

    I expect to see A LOT of Battle, Parmele & Reynaud at RB.

    D-Will, Preston & Hunter at WR.
    LOTS of Thompson at TE.
    Otto, Stingily at the T spots. I'd guess Spencer & Studdard at the G spots with Schwenke at C.

    The DL will probably mainly feature Harris, Clayton, Charles, Dawson & Edwards. They may even hold out guys like Mike Martin, Antonio Johnson & Klug if they see them as season contributors.

    Now that Fokou is the starter, will we see a lot of Mccarthy in this game? With Shaw & Bailey on the outsides, Solomon should get some time too.

    Lots of Sensabaugh, Wooten & Blidi Wreh-Wilson at corner. Stafford, Afalava & Lynch at S. Maybe a little George Wilson.

    Gonna be a fun game haha. I'll watch though.
  6. 5tweezyPOT

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    i got 5 dollas on this game! titans 4th string better show up haha. I know preseason betting is dumb but me n my buddy bet everytime the vikes n titans play
  7. Smash

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    Keep looking. He got cut yesterday. Unlike McCarthy who actually plays a game once in a while, Martin can't stay healthy.
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  8. The Hammer

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    Yeah, I entered that right before it was announced he was cut lol
  9. Titans Insider

    Titans Insider Titans News

    TITANS (1-2) AT VIKINGS (0-3)

    When: 7 p.m. Thursday.

    Where: Mall of America Field.

    TV: WKRN Channel 2

    Last week: Titans beat Falcons, 27-16; Vikings lost to 49ers, 34-14.

    Last regular season meeting: October 7, 2012: Vikings 30, Titans 7.

    Titans-Vikings series: Vikings lead, 8-4.

    Total points: Vikings 320, Titans 188.

    What to expect from the Titans: Go to the kitchen for popcorn and there’s a good chance you’ll miss the starters in the game. Quarterback Jake Locker is expected to start, but he won’t play much. Neither will back-up Ryan Fitzpatrick. No.3 quarterback Rusty Smith will get the most playing time of the team’s QBs. Across the board, the reserves will get a chance to shine. A good number of starters won’t play at all, including receiver Kenny Britt, defensive end Ropati Pitoitua, defensive tackle Sammie Hill, linebacker Akeem Ayers, linebacker Zach Brown, receiver Kendall Wright, and fullback Quinn Johnson, among others. That’s not county the healthy players who will sit. While a big performance in this game could help a back-up secure a roster spot, the reality is most roster decisions have already been made.

    What to expect from the Vikings: The Vikings front-liners didn’t play well in the third preseason game at San Francisco, and they’ll have to wait until the regular season opener to redeem themselves. After playing Sunday night, Minnesota won’t play most of its starters against the Titans. That group includes quarterback Christian Ponder, running back Adrian Peterson and defensive end Jared Allen. Matt Cassel is expected to start at quarterback for the Vikings, and former University of Tennessee receiver Cordarrelle Patterson is expected to play.


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    Source: Titans Insider
  10. The Hammer

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    So that is what they are calling the Metrodome now
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