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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Oct 19, 2007.

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    I've heard Fisher say the Titans don't approach the offense any differently for Collins than they do for Young. I believe this gets a...


    You can bet the way the Texans play D on Sunday will be altered quite a bit based on who is behind Mawae. When Collins came into the game last Sunday, the Bucs D immediately played more man-to-man because they didn't have to worry about Collins running. I think they pulled back the safeties more. I also think they blitzed more often.

    If the Texans are going to play differently, why wouldn't the Titans play to Collins' strengths and script the first 20 plays differently than they would if Young starts the game?

    I'm thinking the Titans will try to run more from a spread offense. I also think we'll see more passing on first down. More timing routes. More downfield passes.

    I'm not saying Collins gives the Titans a better chance to win but the Texans D has to be doing double the work to prepare this week for both.
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    I am really hoping for a big game from Henry and White but I do want Kerry to start. NOT because I am upset with Vince's game just because you just cant risk it. Why not give him a chance to sit and rest up? You don't want him to re-injure himself. The whole Houston hometown thing is done and over with. Who cares anymore. He already owned them once theres no need to play just because you wanna do it all over again when you know you could hurt yourself and possibly hurt yourself badly.

    Collins isn't going WOW anyone but I believe he will put up 200 yards or so something Young wont do if he plays. And maybe this will also help Vince too sitting on the bench watching Collins take his time in the pocket and sling the balls to the receivers. Young seems to run around looking for someone to throw to and he ends up throwing picks which is not what he needs to be doing. He is capable of sitting in the pocket and throwing the ball I dont understand why he cant do it. Use your legs when you know you can get a first down don't run 20 yards back to throw a bomb thats retarded.

    Young starts - Texans blitz alot and he ends up hurting himself more trying to do something dumb.

    Collins starts - Texans play man to man and Collins will get him a few decent passes. We win with Collins on sunday..
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