Predict the first 11 picks

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by TheSureThing, Apr 8, 2014.

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    Despite being just 13 weeks removed from ACL surgery, Zach Mettenberger completed a full workout at LSU's Pro Day on Wednesday.
    Mettenberger underwent left ACL surgery on January 2. He reportedly threw nearly 125 passes in front of evaluators, while donning a helmet and pads. Mettenberger made throws on the run and "consistently showed off a big arm." His first pre-draft visit will be with the Jaguars on Thursday. Mettenberger estimates he's currently "85-90 percent" healthy. He is ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski's No. 2-rated signal caller in this draft, behind UCF's Blake Bortles.
  2. Ontario Titan

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    Manziel is a trend setter or Pro Day pioneer if you like lol, now they'll all wear pads and helmets at Pro Days.
  3. Hormesis

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    If we take little Johny at 11, I am going to have to be on a ground floor. No No No No No :whoop:
  4. Hormesis

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    ^^^This is not happening. We will draft Barr or Evans. I certainly do not want Clowney ending up in Houston. Little Johny would be a perfect fit for the Cows. That would be nice. Think about it, we could play Manziel twice a year. Thats two wins in the book.
  5. titans92790

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    Manziel as well as Bortles will be gone top 5
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