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    Personally I think the D needs addressed first, yes it's important to help Mariota but not having a D that gets scored in every time their out there has to help the O. That would take some pressure off of Mariota, which is helping.
    Ideally a trade down to 8-10 would be good but we need a playmaker on D.
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    Disagree about WR, a first was used on Wright, didn't work out but the capital was still used. And I'm not trying to make an argument for a specific position, I'm talking about a whole damn unit as in defense being neglected. The most recent being Morgan in 2010, before that, Michelle Griffin in 2007.

    That's 2 defensive first round picks in the last decade. They've picked 2 WR's in the past 8 years.
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    Agreed. I'm back on the 2 first round defenders train. Foster and a top CB would be fantastic. I'll trust what JR does, but damn has this defense been neglected and need playmakers.
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    Carr got hurt in the same day and he has Cooper and Crabtree. To sit there and say that is foolish. Injuries happen, we have one of the best offensive line's protecting him to give him a chance to stay healthy. Last year's pick in Conklin was to address that very issue.

    Secondary is 100% our biggest need. It's not a debate, it's not a discussion, it's fact. We had the 31st worst pass d last year. We gave up 208 points in our 7 losses. If we don't correct that, we don't move on. Simple as that.
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    If his ankle is ok, I don't see how we don't get Davis. We need a legitimate #1 WR for the first time since moving to Nashville. He is a play maker, and we NEED a play maker at WR.
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    I think he fits us like a glove too
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    I don't get the whole argument of past draft picks dictating this year's draft. It's an entirely new regime. Yes we drafted KW in the past but he was a miss that doesn't mean you stop shooting because 4-5 years ago we drafted a WR with our first pick. A weakness is a weakness. You hope BPA and a weakness match up when drafting but they don't always align. If a WR is the best player at five you take a WR if it's a CB/S/LB then you take them. We can sit here and debate who and what route to take is best but honestly it boils down to who JRob thinks is worth the pick. We all have our biases but prior drafts should literally have zero effect on this draft. New regime new direction etc.

    My personal opinion is to build around the QB but that's just me. QBs theoretically if successful and healthy will be the longest tenured player on the team outside of maybe an anomaly or two. Therefore I place the highest priority on giving him a supporting cast to be successful. However when picking at 5 I think need has to go out the window to a degree and you take the elite talent even if the need isn't as pressing as another because how many times to you get a top five pick? Hopefully not a lot and it should land an elite player or extra draft capital.
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    Building around our qb should always come first. That's just my take on it.
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    So page 4 and we have no pre-draft visits yet?
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    None. They all declined. Didn't want to play in a small suburban town