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    Your 'satire' sounds like your opinion since you've repeated it a few times...and I haven't heard you say anything positive about his cb play. I think it's all been negative.

    As far as 'technique' is concerned, you are referring to a specific subset of technique in man coverage. There are other corners in the draft who aren't good in zone like he is so it's not really fair to say his technique (in general) is behind all these other corners. Teams draft corners (or should) to fit their system (or the system they are going to play). Zone corners should go to zone teams and man press cb's should go to man press teams. It's fair to say his man technique needs work. But there are plenty of cb's that need technique work, they just don't all need it in the same areas.

    JRob did a great job at matching Conklin's skillset to our offense and scheme so it is a little puzzling how Jackson fits as a cb from day 1....which, when combined with the Cyprien pickup, makes me think we may switch to a more zone based D or at least add a good chunk more!

    One point I forgot to make before about Ens contributing the Dodd pick to someone banging the table for Dodd (since he's an outlier) and that not being the case with Jackson (even though you think he is also an outlier). I think the Adoree pick is a culmination of two JRob focuses this off-season. Needed to add a cb (our weakest position) and a superstar special teams player and Adoree is that. Look at what we did in free agency to bolster our Special Teams. Clearly, JRob thinks winning the special teams facet of the game will pay big dividends so in that regard, I think the Jackson pick is right in line with those two things.
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    1. What do you expect when's someone's best defense is his special team play, and won't acknowledged his cornerback play.

    2. Jackson ability as a corner is a difference of opinion now. My eyes see one thing yours see another. No point in exercising my finger muscle anymore on that subject.

    3. Your right he attacked our needs this year, just like last year. But weren't we lacking depth at OLB last year with two injury prone starters?

    4. This whole silly thing started over people saying Dodd wasn't JROB pick because he didn't match the rest of the picks. The only thing we know for sure from the mouth of JRob himself is he likes tough and team first players. Sure production and experience are a factor but he drafted a handful of guys already with limited production/experience. It's not a Jackson bashing argument.
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    Bold strategy cotton, using those break dance moves on the field....
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    What the clip doesn't show is Ross breaking something of his own at the end of the
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    Brian Costello of the New York Post said first-round S Jamal Adams looked like the "real deal" at minicamp and OTAs.
    Per Costello, Adams had the most impressive spring of any Jets rookie since Sheldon Richardson broke onto the scene in 2013. Adams flashed playmaking ability by breaking up "plenty of passes" and even came away with a few picks. Costello believes he'll have an immediate impact on the Jets' secondary. The sixth overall work is penciled in as New York's starting strong safety.
    Source: New York Post
    Jun 18 - 9:58 AM