Power rankings: On AFC South vs. NFC East, I was wrong

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
    Words that players and fans seem to love from a sportswriter, and claim they never hear: I was wrong.
    When I signed on for a preseason piece on why the AFC South would be the best division in football, I wasn't hell bent on the idea and thought the case for the NFC East was as compelling.
    Just three games in, I don't feel like it's too early to say I was wrong since the top of the power rankings ballot I submitted last night read like this:

    1. Dallas
    2. NY Giants
    3. Philadelphia
    I grew up in Central Jersey tracking that division, and while it's early, it sure seems as if that group is on course for a spectacular showing. A chance to play the meek NFC West and the not-so-deep AFC North will certainly help the records of the Cowboys, Giants, Eagles and Redskins. (Though the AFC South doesn't have it too tough either with AFC North and NFC North).
    Paul Kuharsky's AFC South ballot TeamLast WeekThis WeekIndianapolis612Tennessee96Jacksonville1411Houston2223 The drop for Indianapolis may be a little big, but once the Colts got close to the Jaguars, I had to get Jacksonville ahead of them based on Sunday's result.
    As always, if you're into these numbers I recommend Mike Sando's detailed breakdown of how we arrived at them.

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    Have to agree. As a whole the division has dropped off this year. Injuries are bad, but it's more than that .
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