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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by TheSureThing, Mar 15, 2013.


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    He's not a 2nd rounder, well maybe.

    He's just so damn tiny and has the baggage, I'd personally not risk a 2nd pick on him, but a 3rd sure.
  2. Finnebosch

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    Round 1) Xaiver Rhodes, CB, Florida St. -- A big,athletic man cover corner who gives us a long term answer across from McCourty.
    Round 2) Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee -- Hunter has legitament number 1 ability and will give us a down field threat.
    Round 3) Devin Taylor, DE, South Carolina -- Taylor gives us an athletic DE prospect who can sit behind Wimbley for a season.
    Round 3) Alvin Bailey, OG, Arkansas -- Bailey is a big, strong OG that can start day1 at RG.
    Round 4) Bacarri Rambo, S, Georgia -- Rambo is a first round talent that is going to go in the 3rd day of the draft. We need safety depth behind Griffin.
    Round 5) Nico Johnson, LB, Alabama
    Round 5) Cooper Taylor, S, Richmond
    Round 7) Brandon Moore, DT, Texas
    Round 7) Dan Buckner, WR, Arizona
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  3. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    1st - Chance Warmack or Jonathan Cooper -- Solidifys our OL
    2nd - Tank Carradine, DE, Florida St -- Gives us a #3 DE, solid rotation
    3rd - David Amerson, CB, NC St -- Depth at CB
    3rd - DJ Swearinger, S, South Carolina -- Eventual starting SS, learns behind GW
    4th - AJ Klien, ILB, Iowa St -- More depth at LB
    5th - Chris Haprer, WR, Kansas St -- Reminds me of a worse Boldin
    5th - Khaled Holmes, C, USC -- Depth at C
    7th - Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky -- Led Nation in sacks, before torn ACL
    7th - Ray-Ray Armstong, FS -- PS, depth at FS

    Add that draft with the signings of Brad Jones and a vet FA CB still

    I'm also really starting to like the idea of taking a corner with our 1st. Milliner, Rhodes, and Trufant I really like. As long as OG, CB, DE are our first 3 picks, I don't care what order.
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  4. Ensconatus

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    Yea I understand the scenario but someone will take the risk. I wouldn't in TE second however.

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    As of right now this is what I would like to see:

    1. DE-Ezekiel Ansah BYU
    2. SS-David Amerson NC State
    3. OG-Brian Winters Kent St.
    3c.WR-DaRick Rogers Tenn Tech
    4. SS-JJ Wilcox Ga. Southern
    5. TE-Dion Sims Michigan St.
    6c. DE-Michael Buchanan Illinois
    7. C-Mario Benavides Louisville
  6. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    Just follow this and i'll be happy:

    1st: Jonathan Cooper, Chance Warmack, Dee Milliner, Ezekiel Ansah, Xaiver Rhodes, or Desmond Trufant (in no order)
    2nd: OG/DE/CB
    3rd: OG/DE/CB
    3rdC-7th: OG/DE/CB/S/WR/LB/C
  7. Just Win Baby

    Just Win Baby Starter

    So looking where we are now, and what the Titan's FO has been doing in FA, we know there are several positions that will be addressed via the draft. I believe they are (in no particular order)
    • OG - We have to come away with our starting RG
    • DE depth - We have zero "quality" depth behind our 2 starters
    • CB - Need a potential starter on the outside
    • WR - Nate will not be Titan, probably a cut rather than trade
    • C - I truly believe they want more competition at center (Amano is going to be cut) and Velasco is insurance
    • S - The FO keeps looking at safeties, I think we take one early to push Griffin
    • RB - I still believe we take a late round RB as a 3rd down type back
    • OLB depth - We signed Fokou as ILB back-up. Hope we sign Brad Jones and this is taken care of
    Keep in mind the Titans FO jobs are on the line and they are in "Win Now" mode. I do not believe their is a "special" talent at #10 this year. If I am the GM, I have the phone ready to call the 49ers on draft day, and hope someone they badly want is on the board. They are rich with picks and dont have many holes. If we trade them #10, fair value dictates we receive their # 31, 34, & 74 picks. This is our best case scenario as we then can address the holes listed above.
    • #31 - Tank Carradine - DE - Additional edge rushing presence - Recovery coming along faster than expected
    • #34 - Jonathon Banks - CB
    • #40 - Eric Reid - FS
    • #70 - Da'Rick Rogers - WR - This guy has the talent but my question is do we want another headcase WR on our roster?
    • #74 - Brian Winters - OG - This guy is basically a lock to become a Titan
    • #97 - Brian Schwenke - C - There is something that tells me we end up with this guy as well
    • #142 - Kenjon Barner - RB
    • #202 - Ricky Wagner - OT - Replaces Otto as the swing tackle next year
    • #216 - Joe Kruger - DE - Brother of Paul Kruger - nice developmental DE
    • #248 - Jordan Kovacs - SS - This kid is like RUDY, a core ST guy to start
    I would be very pleased with this draft, as our major holes would be addressed.
  8. TitanFanBudMan

    TitanFanBudMan Professor

    Round 1 - Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama
    Round 2 - Matt Elam, S, Florida
    Round 3 - Barrett Jones, OG/C, Alabama
    Round 3 - (comp) - Tyrann Mathieu, DB, Former LSU
    Round 4 - Bacarri Rambo, FS, South Carolina
    Round 5 - Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina
    Round 6 - (comp) - Greg Reid, CB, Florida St.
    Round 7 - Zac Stacy, RB, Vanderbilt
    Round 7 - (comp) - Brad Wing, P, LSU​
    Yes, this list makes me a SEC homer. I know it will not happen, but why not pick players from the best conference in America.​
  9. UrbanLegend3

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    Round 1- Chance Warmack OG, Bama
    Round 2- Xavier Rhodes CB, FSU
    Round 3- Robert Woods WR, USC/Ryan Swope WR, OU
    Round 3- (comp)- DJ Swearinger S, SC/Phillip Thomas S, Fresno/Baccari Rambo S, UGA
    Round 4-Kwame Geathers DT, Georgia/ Le'Veon Bell RB, Mich St.
    Round 5- Brian Winters OG/OT, Kent State
    Round 6- Joe Kruger DE, Utah
    Round 7- Chris Cragg TE ARK or Jake Stoneburner TE OH st.

    FA- Jordan Campbell ILB New Mexico Highlands University (D2). Insane strength and good speed/athleticism. Originally recruited to USC but left after the sanctions came down. Look him up on youtube. Benched 225 39 times (had one more in him) and squatted 585 3 times.

    FA- Terell Sinkfield WR, University of Northern Iowa- At 6'0, 190 lbs reported ran the 40 3 times clocking in at 4.27, 4.19, and 4.44 (tripped mid-run). Checked out his tape and the kid can actually play. Good hands, runs a variety of routes decently well, and adjusts well to the football.
  10. xpmar9x

    xpmar9x The Real Slim Shady

    X won't be available in the 2nd.
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