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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by LetsGoTitans24, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. LetsGoTitans24

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    Hi this is my first post here so I'm probably not going to be as well known as most here, but I do read majority of the posts on this site and find them extremely entertaining and knowledgeable. Anyway's what has anyone heard about the possibility of us grabbing D.J shockley in the second round. Not a bulldog fan or anything, but I have been fairly impressed with him watching him play. I know his passing isn't as fine tuned as some other's, but much like Vince Young(who may not come out) I could see him leading this offense. He has the same attributes as vince and if Mcnair decides not to retire and rework his deal for 1-2 more years wouldn't Chow be able to fine tune his mechanics? This in my view would let us use our top 10 pick on something such as a phenom linebacker or a different position.. again just a idea I've wondered bout.
  2. TitanJeff

    TitanJeff Kahuna Grande Staff

    Welcome to the forum.

    Personally, I think Shockley has speed but lacks the ideal size and arm strength that the NFL covets. If he has a big Senior Bowl and Pro Day, it may push him up as a mid-round pick. Great Blue North has him the #10 ranked QB right now, for what that's worth.
  3. DeutschTitan

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    The thing about Shockley is, he hasn't started until this year and still saw limited action due to injury. If he can put that behind him, have a good Senior Bowl and Workout, he could bump himself up some. But in all respect, it might take him longer to get ready then say, a Vince Young.
  4. paraconspiracy

    paraconspiracy long time browser no more

    shockley just doesnt have what it takes.... he's just a faster tee martin if you ask me
  5. danny

    danny Guest

    Could Cutler fall to the second ? If Young stays in, it may push Cutler up into the bottom of the first round.
  6. paraconspiracy

    paraconspiracy long time browser no more

    i hope so...
    cutler could be amazing... or he could just throw it up for grabs half the time...
    but then again thats what farve did/does and nobody hates brett
  7. Gunny

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    He has won a few superbowls and MVPs.
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