Position Primer 2013 - Defensive Tackle

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Carpy, Jan 7, 2013.

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    Well hopefully we fire Gray and our new DC brings in his own coaching staff.

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    BTW- thanks Carpy for putting together these threads. I appreciate the work you've put into them and I feel better educated regarding our personnel.

    :clap: Thanks again.
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  3. Ensconatus

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    The other way would be to have bigger LBs. 34 LB types. Only problem then is coverage.
  4. Carpy

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    I agree that Shaun Smith sucked because he was Shaun Smith, but we didn't replace his body type this off-season when we let him go. (It's no surprise after we cut him no-one picked him up until the Chiefs did in late December).

    Marks, Casey and Martin are probably all best suited to play the 3-technique. We need a big-bodied DT to play the 1-technique and command double teams to let our LBs excel. Most plays this year had Marks lined up in the 1-technique spot and he just wasn't big enough to engage 2 blockers.
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    Also I doubt those are all actually whole numbers. Probably more like 69.4%, 60.6%, 37.9%, ect ... those extra decimal could potentially add up to a few % (just made up the decimals off the top of my head, but you get the point)
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    I still feel like this is where we need to improve and upgrade most on the defensive side of the ball. AH made our entire defense great and made our secondary pro-bowlers. It is that important. That has been my biggest disappointment in management. We let AH leave for the big bucks which was understandable BUT we should have locked him up before he ever hit FA. He was playing great football for us his last two years here. Our DTs have been weak since he left. Not nearly enough has been done to get back to that.
  7. Carpy

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    I'm not convinced the Titans had any other option with Haynesworth given his attitude that was on full display in Washington.

    But, you are correct in saying that is the position we have not replaced. Haynesworth was 330lbs and played Right DT on our line, primarily as a 1 technique.
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    Agree completely. This is the kind of player which ties up two OL and can move them. Maybe Casey can become this player but I would look hard at a DT in the first couple of rounds or invest in a UFA/RFA here.

    I think Marks should be kept for the right deal.

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    We didn't "let" him go, he ran towards the money laughing.

    He's still laughing right now taking a nap on his boat in the Caribbean.

    He'd have left any team for the amounts of money he made off with.

    And the only reason he had that great year was because he was playing for money. At some point the horse gets to eat that carrot.

    Let me ask you Big Time Titan, would you want Haynesworth back this summer for camp?

    He might be hungry again so we might be able to get him to play a few downs.
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    Putting Glenn Dorsey in the 4-3, where he belongs, will allow him to excel. I really hope we make a run for him.