Porter is Jags' third QB; Peters will start for Bills

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    Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky JACKSONVILLE - Wide receiver Jerry Porter has been designated as the Jaguars third quarterback for today's game against the Bills.
    The move appears odd, but actually makes sense as smart roster manipulation.
    Porter is coming off hamstring surgery and didn't play in the opener. The only way he'd play today is if both David Garrard and Cleo Lemon get hurt.
    In such a scenario, Porter could enter the game as the quarterback.
    After a play, he'd likely flip spots with Matt Jones, the receiver who was a quarterback at Arkansas. With Dennis Northcutt's back issues, Jack Del Rio is simply putting himself in position to have access to the most players possible should he suffer injuries at quarterback and receiver.
    And after watching three offensive linemen go down last week - two of them are now out for the season - such crazy scenarios don't seem so crazy any more.
    Lineup changes of note: Newcomer Milford Brown will start at right guard ahead of Tutan Reyes.
    For the Bills, Jason Peters will start at left tackle after a full week of practice following a holdout that did not produce a new deal. Langston Walker shifts to right tackle and Kirk Chambers moves to the bench.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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