Pollard, Verner want to return

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  1. 5tweezyPOT

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    people don't understand how ridiculous these contracts are getting
    if you did ok all the sudden your the highest paid whatever
  2. corymiller

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    I'm ok with letting ATV walk. Use the $$ you would use on him to go get a pass rusher. A dominant front 7 can make any secondary look great.
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  3. NewHorizans

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    You could make the argument that it was Pollard being here that made the entire secondary play better. Including Verner. This was Verner's 4th season and he just now stood out. Griffin played his best football in 3 years. And McCourty got better too. I would like it if the Titans pulled the trigger and locked up this solid Secondary for the next few years.
  4. Dee

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    I would like to see both come back. But we need Vern. I felt like Pollard was just a temp fix, we are going to need replace sooner or later. If Pollard walks I will be okay with it. He can't cover period. TE's probably love when they see him matched up and he has cost us a game or two with just stupid plays. I've felt the last 2 seasons Vern has been our best cb. Although Griff played better with Pollard and that's the only part that scares me with him leaving, can't handle another season with griff playing soft
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    I doubt Verner asks for Revis money. Revis was a top-3 CB for multiple years, while Verner hasn't been a top-3 CB for any years. Verner is good, really good, near pro-bowl level... but the fact is he has zero pro bowls (likely to stay that way), plays for a smaller market team, & had one great year under his belt. Lets not get carried away.

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    Pollard has to be pissed with the offense not carrying their weight. He's had a good year so I doubt he's talking about the DC or DB coach.
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    Quite possibly as Pollard IS about accountability and he's a leader and tone setter for the whole defense. Not to say he didn't have his share of mistakes too, but he's a difference maker in our run defense because of his passion to get there and tackling ability!

    We've seen flashes from verner and I DO think with Pollard and the addition of Gregg Williams influence, he had a much bigger season.

    My only disagreement is Griffin who is playing at a below avg level (and not near his ability) and will be getting offensive tackle money this year. We are WAY overpaying for him. His spot needs an upgrade either by paying someone that kind of money who IS a Pro Bowler or drafting someone who can play at least as well (and will get better with time) and is cap friendly:)
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  8. Gut

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    Agree and disagree. Agree Verner is NOT worth Revis money and it's debateable if he's even worth McCourty money as that is a lot of money and cap space for a guy having a big year in his contract year. Can he keep this up if he goes to a different team and a different system? Can he even replicate that play HERE?

    On the other hand, he is likely to be the top CB in FA or top 3 at worst and with those stats AND given that some teams need to spend a lot of money, I could see someone giving him a ridiculous contract. He's also in his prime (age) and he's a high character guy from what I've seen.

    I don't think anyone will get as much as Revis because I don't think there is a CB as good as him, but I could see Verner getting 10-12 per year...which is a TON!!! I wonder if the titans would offer him the same contract McCourty got and if that would be enough for him.

    BTW, I think Revis was the best CB in football before his knee injury. Of course, he constantly wanted to get paid like it too!