Poll: Will Titans improve on 6-10?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Apr 18, 2013.

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    Thing is, its so hard to say what is going to happen - if not, impossible.

    People are obsessed with both SEA and SF for example, they could easily implode under 2nd year QB slumps.... Same with the Skins... The media loves to build the 'hot' teams up real good, so they can smash 'em when they fall. Happens year after year after year... I'm not saying SEA/SF will suck, but its definitely still on the table.

    Or the Ravens for example, they could also be great or suck hard if you ask me... It all goes with Flacco, he could either play like he did in the season when they were sucking or dominate like he did in the playoffs. Both are very viable options, and his team will follow suit.

    For us, I just hope Jake catches fire along with CJ/Green behind a rejuvenated OL. Get them receivers and TE's involved in the passing game. If that happens and we keep our D fresh, I know with the pieces we have now Jerry Williams (see what i did there?) can really do some damage - in such a scenario, I would truly expect 11+ wins and playoffs.... And believe it or not, that isn't off the table either...
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