Polian...or Reese?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by wino, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. ColtsFan86

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    I normally lurk here, but had to jump in to comment on this. Aren't you stretching a bit here? The GM has to make difficult decisions for the good of his franchise - it's his job, and not a popularity contest. I don't care if Polian is well-liked, as long as he and his staff continue to draft and manage the cap well, and do what's necessary to keep the franchise competitive. Why is it so difficult to acknowledge that he is an excellent GM? You don't have to like him (even I think he lets his temper show too much), but his resume speaks for itself.
  2. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    who says he isnt a good GM?
  3. All I wanted to know is which GM's character do you like the best and why, I never implied it was a popularity contest.
    And I do think that Polian is a good GM, I never said he wasn't
  4. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Reese doing a good job lately...

    Maybe he has been listening to rolltide but he does seem to agree that it is for the best to bring back most of the starters from last season.

    We have new deals with olson and henry, hopkins was let go because of age and we didn't pick up the options for mcnair and volek. We did pick up the option for thompson. All good moves i think.

    Still some question of what to do with sirmon and tank and whether we can get mcnair's cap hit down and we obviously are not going to keep both mcnair and volek here assuming we will be drafting a QB high.

    The way it looks now we will only be 2-3 players light from last year which means we will be adding on to our talent not desperately being forced to draft players to fill an urgent need. Now we are not desperate for a runningback, OG or safety. We could even get by without drafting a linebacker high if we can sign a david thornton type free agent.

    We expect most of our young players to improve and we can expect some vets to suck it up and perform at a higher level.
  5. GoT

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    SDs drafting of Leaf is the basis of you praising Wile E. Polian for choosing the obviously more seasoned Manning over him. You are the one who is stating that Polian should be praised for not selecting Leaf while I say only an idiot would trade up for Leaf to begin with as the Manning selection was a nobrainer. Again even I said pre draft that James was the better RB than Williams although not a nobrainer like Manning it still was not like picking your favorite doublemint twin or anything seeing as even I thought James was better. I mean you are basically reinforcing my argument that one of these decisions was obvious and the other was not even horribly difficult.

    In a related topic Reeses selection with the 3rd overall this year will probably be difficult and I believe a fair judement of him as a GM can be made about how he handles this selection.

    Will Reese go all Wile E. Polian and take the Super Genuis selection? Who knows only Rolltide the Tennessee Bamaboy knows for sure. Same Titan Time, Same Titan Forum
  6. RollTide, I don't see what the problem is. Reese put together the NFL's winningest team in the NFL from 1999-2003. Record injuries killed them in 2004 then they went into rebuilding mode. Such is life.

    As I've said before, I wouldn't fire Reese in favor of any other GM right now. Therefore, I'm picking Reese in this poll. Colts fans surely will pick Polian because he has done a good job with that team. End of story.
  7. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    What nobody has talked about...

    Here is a reason the colts the been more consistent going to 2 more playoffs the last 7 years and a main reason they are better right now but it is not reese's fault.

    Peyton manning. Manning simply has been better, more consistent and obviously more durable than steve mcnair. Gnash your teeth all you want it is true. It's not reese's fault, mcanir was a great draft choice in 1995 just as manning was for polian in 98. It's just that manning has been the better player. Maybe not night and day better but it is true.

    Look steve has been with us 11 years now. How many outstanding pro bowl seasons has he had? 3? By pro bowl i mean one of the top 6 QBs in the game or among the top 3 in the conference. From 2001-2003 he was an elite QB. From 98-2000 he was solid but probably not quite elite. That's 6 good seasons out of 11 with 3 elite years.

    To put it in perspective manning and mcnair both have the same number of ints the last 2 years. 20. Manning just threw 53 more TDs that's all.
  8. Gunny

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    You feeling alright?

    plus Harrison, Wayne, Edge, Clark, Pollard, Stokely etc etc.
  9. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro


    What san diego did in 1998 had nothing to do with the colts so why do you keep brining it up? All you are doing is proving that leaf was highly regarded. They did consider leaf a good enough prospect to trade up to the second pick for him.
    And didn't mike ditka give up a whole draft worth of picks to get ricky williams? It was not a no brainer to pick james ahead of him. The majority of of GMs would have taken ricky.

    Hell based on some of your past postings i would have expected you to argue that manning sucks in comparison to leaf and that he was a bad draft choice.
  10. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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