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  1. The Colts were 13-3 in 1999. Then they fell off some. They went 3 straight years without winning their division. They were a playoff team 2 of those 3 years, but were never a Super Bowl contender. And they never even won a playoff game in that stretch.

    If we had this poll 3 years ago, Reese wins hands down. His team won the division over the Colts and went to the AFC Championship game. If Polian a better GM now than he was then? Is Reese any worse? Of course not. It's just a matter of who is up and who is down right now.

    If this was a truly unbiassed poll or informed voters, it would be pretty much even. But it's a Titans board, so there you go...
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    Well, we have different views of a "contender". I consider a playoff team a contender. Yes I do agree the colts werent as likely as us to go to the superbowl during those years but I would still consider them a contender. A #6 seed won it this year, so its certainly possibly that any playoff team has a chance of running the table.

    And I do agree that teams have stretches of ups and downs due to the cap, injuries, or whatever. I think we will get a more accurate assessment of Reese 3 years from now than we will now and its unfair to label him anything at this point. Honestly, what has Reese done to separate him from the GMs of say the Rams, the steelers, the Bucs, the Broncos, the Packers, etc. All those teams had established perenial playoff teams just like Reese did? Will Reese be able to get this team back up ala the steelers, or will we be a mediocre franchise. I think now is when we will find out how good Reese is. I think Polian has proven over and over how good he is however.
  3. What have they done to separate themselves from Reese (or Polian)?

    Sure, some have won Super Bowls where the Titans (and Polian's teams) have not. But I'd argue that there isn't so much one GM that's clearly better than everybody else but a tier of GMs at the top. Some of the top ones have won and some haven't. Polian and Reese have not, but I'd still put them in the top tier. The Eagles haven't won but they had been contenders for years.
  4. dg1979us

    dg1979us Pro Bowler

    Thats exactly what Im saying. Except, I think Polians success for such a long period does put him above Reese and most others at this point. I think a GM is responsible to put together a team that is capable of winning. Reese did that, the fact we didnt win a superbowl isnt on Reese, but on the coaches and players for not quite getting over that hill, Reese had them in a position to do so though. Polian is the same way. The difference, is Polian has done it time and time again, where as Reese at this point has only had the one stretch run. Reese has to prove that he can get this team back to being a condender, thats all im saying. Polian has proven he can be a winner over a long period, Reese has to do that now.

    Its like saying that Rothlesberger is as good as Montana because he won one superbowl. But no, he isnt at this point. In 10 years maybe so, but right now, he isnt. I think its the same with Polian and Reese. Polian has done it over and over for years, where as Reese really only has had one 4 or 5 year stretch where his team was a strong contender. He potentially could be as good as Polian, but at this point I cant see how you can make that claim.
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    You can, everyone does it. But fact is you will never know who is better because of the different eras. Which is why it is easier to make a better judgement between Polian and Reese based on the times they have worked in the same era

    Not at all.
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    Gee, if he's so wonderful, you'd think he could hold down a job...
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    Starkiller please...

    Both the colts and the titans had bad seasons in 2001. Since then the colts are 48-16 with 3 straight division championships and the titans 32-32 with one afc south title.
    Both the colts and titans became good the same year in 1999. From 1999 to the present the colts are 77-35. The titans are 65-47. The colts since 99 have made the playoffs 6 times the titans 4.

    We have been in the same division as the colts for 4 seasons and the colts won three of those championships. Hardly a toss up and until the colts hit the skids and put up a 4-12 type season it is not even.

    Where do you get off just picking and choosing what seasons will or will not count? I guess if we do throw out every bad season the titans have had and don't count anything polian did before taking over the colts it might look better for reese. Hell why not throw out every season except 1999 and say that reese had a super bowl team every year he was GM. :sad2:
  10. What team do you think loves their GM, how do you think players like their GMs character and personality. Which team would go through thick and thin with him without turning against him. Thats what I want to know
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