Polian...or Reese?

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by wino, Mar 3, 2006.

Who would you rather have as your team's GM?

  1. Bill Polian

  2. Floyd Reese

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  1. Gunny

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    Polian is going down the Reese path, restructuing Manning and Harrison's contracts.
  2. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Polian vs reese...

    I don't think it takes an einstein to understand that a question as to who is the better GM is not the same as asking which team you like better. But to some here it is. If we had a poll as to who was better edge james or chris brown should i vote brown to prove what a great fan i am?

    But maybe intellect is not the proper issue. Maybe it is ignorance or laziness that is the problem. Maybe when starkiller and gunny were crowing about that one afc title they had no idea that polian built the bills team that won 4 straight afc titles. Polian's bills made 6 straight playoffs with those 4 super bowl appearences.
    Maybe you didn't know or bother to look it up but polian took over the expansion carolina team that went to the nfc championship in just their second season.

    Both the colts and titans became good the same year 1999 but how many of you knew that polian's previous teams had been to 7 playoffs and 4 super bowls before that? None?

    Then there is the obvious question of what have you done for me lately. Both teams became good the same year in 1999 but while our team was a collective 9-23 the last 2 seasons the colts were 26-6. You telling me that if those records were reversed it wouldn't matter?

    I see gunny and others always talking about this impending cap hell for the colts. When will that be after 2 more 11-12 win seasons? And then the colts will suffer from a couple of 9-10 win seasons? Do you honestly see that team having a 4-12 year any time soon? This year they will lose james, next year maybe freeney. In the meantime other top players like manning, harrison, wayne, stokely, june, sanders, doss, david will be there.

    And, tony dungy will be there. In 10 seasons as an nfl coach dungy's teams have missed the playoffs twice. Not very often.

    Polian has had numerous opportunities to screw up. He could have drafted leaf instead of manning. Ricky williams instead of james and he could have hired a different head coach. But he didn't did he?
  3. Twelfth Man

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    Careful RollTide, You'll confuse them with the facts.:ha:

  4. AFC46

    AFC46 Guest

    Fact Polian as colt's GM (not as Bills or Panthers GM )1 AFCCG apperance with 0 SB apperance.

    Reese as Titans GM 2 AFCCG apperances with 1 SB apperance.

    What is so hard to understand about those facts?
  5. Polian is a good GM. Nobody said he isn't. But that wasn't the question.

    Reese built a Super Bowl contender in Tennessee that lasted for 6 years following a 3-year run though the desert that they miraculously produced 8-8 seasons without a home to call their own. That's pretty damned good on a resume, even if he never won a Super Bowl. And while the Titans are on the downswing, that's just the nature of the game after a long run at the top.

    As for Polian, he has the exact same number of Super Bowl victories as general manager that Reese does. He has absolutely built competitors. And he has done an excellent job. But let's not pretend that he has never had bad teams.

    Right now, Polian's team is better than Reese's team. Is that the only measure of a GM? Of course not. Both are very good. I don't see any way to pick one as the clearly better GM.

    But we're on a Titans board, so the tie goes to the home team.
  6. Gunny

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    excuse me?

    Get your eyes checked out, I never said such a thing.
  7. GoT

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    See that's not fair cause you could put virtually any back against CB and only the koolaide drinkers would take CB and besides James will be a FA any day now thanks to Wile E. Polian Super Genuis.

    As long as the NFL keeps changing the rules to accomidate the dolts I agree with you. With fair officiating and a level playbook the dolts are far from invinciable. In a league where the Titans are allowed to acutally have a SAC from KVB credited against Manning the Titans have a chance at victory. The 2005 NFL was not that league.

    Dungy has as many SB rings as Fisher and he will be with the Titans so again what is it about the grass on the other side of the fence that is so enticing to a supposed Titan fan.

    Leaf/Manning was a nobrainer. The real shock was that SD traded up for Leaf, if memory is correct. I don't see where Wile E. Polian Super Genuis should be praised for SDs stupidity but go ahead. James/Williams was a little closer but I thought James would be better at the time. So if that makes Wile E. Polian a Super Genuis then I'm a Super Genuis also.
  8. I like Reeses's character and the way he believes in his players. Thats the GM I want for the Tennessee Titans
  9. RollTide

    RollTide All-Pro

    Plenty of nonsense to go around...

    Starkiller you should be a politician. You are pretty good at bsing your way out of a jam. First of all we were a contender for 5 years not 6 with 4 playoff appearences. 4 out of 11 years. And i'm sorry but 3 straight 8-8 records were not miraculous. Fisher did a good job keeping the team competitive but 8-8 is not a miracle.

    GoT, what would san diego's decision have to do with the colts drafting manning? The colts had the first pick and the choice of any player they wanted. Polian could have chosen leaf and the fortunes of that franchise would be significantly different. He also could have drafted the enormously talented but underachieving ricky williams but went with james instead.

    Common sense would tell you that a guy who was successful building three different teams from nothing to the playoffs would trump a guy who built one team. Even an average GM can have a successful run over an 11 year period but polian has won more consistently with three different teams.
  10. Gunny

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    Just out of curiousity were not two of Wile E. Polians (love that name GoT) teams during times without a CAP?

    A time when I coulda been GM of the 49ers or Cowboys or Bills and won games because I could buy any player I wanted?

    edit - RollTide before you get your knickers in a twist, I am asking a question. I don't you to waste your valuable time on a huge response when time is short...
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