Poise Shows Big Step for Young

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    SUMMARY: Though his numbers are not great (46.9 percent completion rate and 54.8 passer rating), Vince Young showed poise and savvy in the game's closing minutes. In his first opportunity to run the two-minute offense with a game on the line, Young took his team from the Titans 34-yard line to the Ravens 31 and put the team in position to win the game. "Any time you can take the ball and need to get in position to have a chance and do so, it’s important," Titans Coach Jeff Fisher said. "He did it with his arm and with his legs, which is many times how he’s going to have to do it." The drive was a confidence boost for Young. "That means a whole lot to our team for one but for my confidence level and my playing style," Young said. "I’ve done a lot of those back in the past [at Texas]. To get one of those feels again, to take the guys down on the last drive to give them an opportunity to win the ball game meant a whole lot to me and also got more respect from my teammates as well. Overall, that was a pretty good deal."

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  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

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    I think next time it will be in his mind that it is imperative that he get the 1st down because his team hasn't a place kicker that it can rely on.
  3. GLinks

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    I'm already wondering what will become of Bironas next year.
  4. 4andershv

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  5. or maybe u agree with him, but that kick that he missed would have won us the game
  6. A.D.

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    He hooked one left but the Titans got a gift first down on a defensive offsides. So that miss didn't count. On his next attempt he pushed it wide right.
  7. TNThunder

    TNThunder Guest

    Yes, and it was just barely wide, by about 3 feet. The guy has been more than dependable, and he misses one kick and people start screaming for him to be let go. Amazing. Feely missed a 33 yarder also, I doubt if they cut him. Bironas is 8-10 for the year.
  8. Fry

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    bironas has had one bad game in a year in a half. even the great adam vinateri had a bad game against the pats this year.

    it happens.
  9. people are slating Bironas because of shoddy ST play and one bad kick, he has been very reliable and unless he plays awful the rest of the year, the Titans won't cut him, every kicker has a bad day...
  10. moose4now

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    That's all it took for Scott Norwood. :))
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