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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Fry, Dec 11, 2006.

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  1. but he immediately talks about his production afterwards, leading to believe that he wasnt talking about the injury
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    he talks about New Orleans production afterwards. Not Colstons
  3. oh ok well i was thinking of just colston in that particular instance
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    I'm wit ya. Draft the WR and end the nonsense.
  5. which one are u for? personally i couldnt realyl care to much between CJ, jarret, and ginn ive been pro ginn the past week or so because i dont think that the others are going to fall to us
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    OK, we had our Christmas party at work today, so basically I have been sitting here looking at football stats all day. I have compiled a little information on receivers. Take it however you like.

    I started with looking at the top twenty current receivers in the NFL By Yardage. This way, there is no ranking of receivers as far as who I think is better or worse than some other guy. Of the current top twenty, there are 8 first rounders, which is a pretty respectable number. They are as follows: Reggie Wayne, Roy Williams, Marvin Harrison, Andre Johnson, Lee Evans, Torry Holt, Javon Walker, and Terry Glenn. All these players are from the '96 draft and later, and each came from different draft years with the exception of Glen and Harrison ('96) and R. Williams and Evans ('04).

    The players drafted outside the 1st round in top twenty in current receiving yards are: Chad Johnson, Donald Driver, Steve Smith, Terrell Owens, Anquan Boldin, Darrell Jackson, L. Coles, M. Colston, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Mike Furrey, Isaac Bruce, and Jericho Cotchery. Only Chad Johnson, Boldin, and Bruce were even 2nd round picks. Smith, Owens, Jackson, and Coles were 3rd rounders. Furrey was undrafted, and Driver, Houshmandzadeh, and Colston were 7th rounders. Cotchery was a 4th rounder.

    If you add in the top reception guys and touchdown catches to the top receiving yards, you have to add in Hines Ward, Marty Booker, and P. Burress. Only Burress was a 1st rounder. Things that stick out in my mind are the 7th rounders, Colston has gone off his rookie year, but Driver and Housh are examples of players that a team took time to develop and have done exceptionally well with their QB's.

    I also took the time to evaluate every 1st round draft since '97. I know that cuts out the 96 draft, which was obviously a good one (Keyshawn, Harrison, Glenn). But I had to cut off somewhere, so I went back 10 drafts. Whats interesting is how often the first overall receiver taken could be considered a bust.

    The first receivers taken are: Ike Hillard ('97), Kevin Dyson ('98), Torry Holt ('99), Peter Warrick ('00), David Terrell ('01), Donte' Stallworth ('02), Charles Rogers ('03), Larry Fitzgerald ('04), Braylon Edwards ('05), and Santanio Holmes ('06). Half of these guys are certifiable busts. (I love Kevin Dyson too, but come on guys, the guy was not close to a top receiver in that draft). Most of these buys were considered by nearly every team to be the top rated player at their position, and if not the top, then very near it. That means these guys were all exceptional athletes, and all had exceptional college numbers. Yet, half these guys were flops.

    The point that I am making about this, is.... Yes the entire draft is a crap shoot, but other than a few other positions, WR is one of the biggest crapshoots of them all. Yes there are plenty of 1st round receivers that had average to decent careers, but do you really draft a guy in the top ten or twelve picks and spend all that money on someone who is about 50/50 at best? I have every receiver taken in the first round since '97, and by any ones standards 50/50 is the best case scenario for big time vs. average receivers.

    Look at the '97 draft for instance, 1st rounders were... Ike Hilliard, Yatil Green, Reidel Anthony, and Rae Carruth. Not a good draft for my Florida Gators, also Rae Carruth.... Haven't thought about that guy in a while.

    All that being said, if Tennessee does their due diligence and they draft a guy that can be a legitimate number one WR, then do it. But we have the same guys drafting we have for sometime, and I haven't exactly had my butt impressed off with the receivers we've taken. So why not take the player at a position of need that we feel is a sure thing in the first, and take a chance on a receiver in rounds 2-7?
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    i agree with you. a lot of the guys taken in the first round get by in college on their god given athletic ability rather than knowing how to play WR. that's why i have been so against selecting ginn, but this team desperately needs a playmaking WR though.

    i have given up on the "let's take a shot in the middle rounds" route. we've wasted like 9 picks over the past 10 years on middle round WRs(depending on what you definition of "wasted" is, it could be more)
  8. well if CJ or dwayne jarrett fall to us, or we trade up to get them, i think that we would have a true #1 that we wouldnt have to worry about, both of them run good routes and both can catch like marvin harrison (best hands in the league imo)
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    We'll see how good their hands are when they run the gauntlet at the Combine.
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    We are gonna drop considerably with all of this winning... But with the draft pick we got for McNair and Volek, we may be able to use that as ammunision to trade up with our loosing alot of considerable picks
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