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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by dtm586, Apr 22, 2011.

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    I still feel that the Titans should go after a stud playmaker at the 8th pick and then nab a QB with their 2nd round selection. QB is the biggest glaring need but definetly not the ONLY big need.

    What is everyones take on waiting till the second round for a QB?

    there will be plenty of different options to go:

    (my personal favorite option) LB/DE Von Miller - assuming Miller is still on the board, I mean who wouldnt want a stud LB controlling our Def for the next decade ala Keith Bulluck. Tulloch in a contract year and the Titans have absouletly no depth to speak of at the linebacker position

    WR Julio Jones - Jones is a great blocker and can stretch the Def as well as having two stud young WR's to throw to something the Titans have NEVER had unless you count Derrick Mason and Kevin Dyson, mehh. The Titans tried Randy Moss to stretch the defense and take some pressure off Kenny Britt but that obviously failed miserably. Furthermore, Britt isn't growing up anytime soon so imagine if he was suspended or what not, we be back to square one with Justin Gage and Nate Washington ehhh ...

    Pass Rushers:

    Assuming Quinn and Bowers are gone, there's still intriguing options that could go early/mid 1st round like Cam Jordan and Aldon Smith. Smith is build freakishly with the body of a young Jevon Kearse while all I hear about Jordan is a class-act, great off-the field guy with no red flags, not to mention a motor on him. Either would look great opposite of D-Morgan and wed be set for years to come (assuming they pan out)

    DT Nick Fairley - most mocks if not all mocks have the Titans selecting Fairley if not a QB. Once projected a number 1 overall pick to Carolina - he has fallen since but comparions to Albert Haynesworth (of course not as big) have been made throughout. Titan fans know the reality of having a mammoth DT in the middle to free up the outside rushers and or LB's

    CB Prince Amukamara - Finnegan has been getting burnt more and more and is in a contract year, if the Titans cheapen up and dont lock him up were looking at Mouton and Vernan locking up opposing WR ... id be much more comfortable with what many experts say is the best CB in the draft (Peterson is much heavier and will be a safety in a few years)

    Obviously Tennessee needs a signal caller and I want one more than anyone but theres some good QBs to groom that could go early 2nd round; Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick - at least 2 of 3 should still be on the board ... I think stretching for Jake Locker who may all of the sudden seen his stock rise a bit is too much of a risk
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    according to the buzz around the league every team and their mommas are wanting a QB in the 1st and 2nd rounds. i wouldnt chance trying to grab a QB in the mid 2nd. Even the colts want a Qb.

    we will take Locker if he is there.
  3. xpmar9x

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    Im dreaming for Von!
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