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    I've watched that video several times. To me most of his good plays come when he is delivering blows in the run game or playing as the extra man in the box. His INT against Penn St. is a gimme on an under thrown halfback pass. You see him cover the TE well in man coverage, but that Penn St. TE is not athletic.

    Against UT he does have one play when he matches up on the slot guy and shows good footwork and coverage skills. I just haven't seen enough of that to throw my full support behind him. Also not knowing how fast/quick he really is makes it harder for me to jump on his bandwagon.

    If we truly stick with the bigger is better at DE/DT then we shouldn't need an in the box safety. If we decide to go with smaller, quicker DE like Mathis then it makes more sense to have a thumper type at SS. Bob Sanders was a key part to the Colts run game because the DEs were focused on the pass rush.
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    I was only making my argument for the sake of the argument. It's pretty obvious he is the best in the only point was how far ahead of the other S is he because of the team around him.

    Congratulations on claiming to be the first to hop on his schtick.
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    That TE is actually Brett Brackett. He spent last year on the practice squad with the Jags and Eagles. He came to Penn State as a quarterback and moved to TE when it was clear that he'd never start. He is 6'6", 250, ran a 4.58 forty, had a 34" vertical, and a 9'10" broad jump.

    edit: He also is the player that went end zone to end zone to recover the fumble on Alabama's long return.
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