Players you don't want drafted at #10

Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by edward nigma, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. xhrr

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    It was just an example of why that argument doesn't hold much weight. Your initial post made it seem like a guys projected draft slot was as concrete as it gets when judging a player. Obviously based on your last couple posts you understand there is more to it which is what I was getting at.
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  2. JiminyBillyBob

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    If Milliner were two inches shorter he would not be talked about as a top 10 pick. Too many people fall in love with a prospect because of height alone, especially at the CB and WR positions. It suddenly makes a decent college player a potential superstar in the NFL.
    It also goes the other way. Just because a player is undersized he drops in the draft. Does anybody honestly think that if Tavon Austin was two inches taller he would not be projected as a top 5 pick? If I would have make the draft pick, I would stay the hell away from Milliner. He is average at best.
  3. SlidePiece

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    In no way am I saying that the Titans should pick Milliner. However, if I had a choice between the two, I would take Milliner over Trufant. As would all 32 NFL teams......yes, height/weight does hold a premium in the NFL, but it does so for a reason. In the end teams will take who they feel is the better player, measurables be damned, if they feel like they can distinctly identify the better player. You may think Tufant is the better player, that's fine....I don't.
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    I like Rhodes better than trufant actually. And milliner better than either. I thinkRhodes has the highest upside, milliner is the most polished.

    But see, I am not so arrogant a to value my watching YouTube for half an hour over the opinion of every professional scout, writer, and analyst in America.
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  6. JiminyBillyBob

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    I don't like either one in the 1st Rd.
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    You're just talking out of your a s s here...Milliner is ranked high because he's tall? no...he's ranked high because he was a great player all year round in the top conference in football and he solidified his stock by shutting down Notre Dame's #1 option in the national championship game...

    The fact that he's 6'2 and runs an amazing 40 is just icing on the cake.
  8. J Falk

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  9. Carp

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    Actually I did. And so did a lot of other people at the time. A much of people had concerns that a college spread QB would have a big problem adjusting to the NFL.
  10. RollTide

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    Mingo's production was never anything special at LSU despite being surrounded by other good players.

    Production the last 2 seasons Mingo vs Jarvis Jones...

    28 sacks 44 TFL

    11.5 sacks 23.5 tfl

    Both played in the same conference against the same level of competition and both were surrounded by great players.

    Based on Mingo's 11.5 sacks in 2 seasons how could anybody justify taking him that high? You would be drafting him to get to the QB but he only averaged 5.75 sacks a season.
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