Players rating after 2 weeks (pff)

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitansMVP, Sep 16, 2013.

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    0.00 is average

    - #.## is lower than average and + is positive.

    It's basically based on an average of each snap being played. They separate it from run/pass. Then average those numbers together as well.

    There is some sort of per play objectiveness to who grades it... So take that into account but PFF does have a great reputation.

    So again, anything Positive is basically huge. That 7? That's insane
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    True. The same ankle sprain would have McCarthy sidelined for the season.
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    The martin play was a huge when it happened. The play came at 51 seconds left on a 2nd and 10 from the Texans 22. It gained 32 yards and put them into our territory.

    The pick 6 was a gift.
  4. TitansMVP

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    But they didn't score so it is kind of irrelevant. When you blitz and leave the middle field wide open, it can kill most defenses. That is one of the hardest task for a corner in the NFL to defend all that space in the middle especially when a defense blitz but he try to trip him but failed.

    That pick 6 was a gift but he was in perfect position eyeing the quarterback. He played a hell of a game and has played 2 great games so far which is why he is rated the #1 corner the last two weeks.
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  6. Gut

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    Take this as a broad stroke. I don't remember how they weigh stuff but everyone quantifies plays differently. As someone who is NOT on the Titans staff, they and we, have to make assumptions on what we are seeing. For example, an ILB suddenly comes into the A gap right before the snap and blitzes. Turner takes him to the left leaving a gaping hole where the OC normally is and Warmack is late to take the guy over the OC and gives up a QB pressure. Do you downgrade Warmack for not blocking the guy? Was Turner supposed to take that guy? Did Turner take the guy assuming Warmack would automatically know the call was changing without a call being made. It's impossible for us to know. But I guarantee you PFF downgraded Warmack for that since they have to downgrade someone. Also, I doubt they take into consideration a normal block versus a pancake block. You either blocked your guy or you didn' bonus points for an excellent job. If Turner keeps his guy away from a rb on a sweep but can't move him preventing any cutback lane, PFF probably says he blocked his guy. If Warmack road grades his guy and creates a lane for CJ to cut back behind and gain yardage...what do they give Warmack? A 'he blocked his guy on the play?'

    My other pet peeve is dinging back 7 players in zone coverage. Theoretically a perfect QB should never have a ball hit the ground against a zone (whereas in man you can blanket a WR so no one is open). If you hit a slant pass against cover 2 and hit the WR between the LB and the CB and the S coming down...who gets dinged??? Who SHOULD get dinged?

    Here in lies the rub!

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    Can someone explain to me how Derrick Morgan has a negative rating? Dude has been playing lights out. Or I guess just explain to me how these ratings work in general lol
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    He's Derrick Morgan. He always gets a negative.
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    I dont know how they base DL ratings other then tackles and sacks and hurries, but not sure if run game yardage given up is factored in. For instance, if Morgan is not getting dinged for getting blocked out of a play, perhaps he's getting dinged for x number of yards run over his side...which again creates a problem. If Morgan is doing his job and someone cuts back and gains yardage to his side, why would he get dinged?

    I'm speculating because I don't know how they are doing it. As a defensive player, it's much more difficult to grade since an outside observer may not know how the force guy is or what gap responsibilities which player has. Again, it's assumptions.

    I'd have to re-watch the texans game because I thought he played well in the Steelers game.

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    WHOS BEEN CALLING FOR MCCARTHY ALL THIS TIME!??!?! But no everyone on her thinks Fokou is king and deserves to continue to start unless he gets injured!
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