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    Several Titans have been confirmed for “Coach Mike Munchak’s Strikes to Stop Diabetes” event, including quarterback Jake Locker, tight end Delanie Walker, guard Andy Levitre safety Michael Griffin and draft picks Chance Warmack and Justin Hunter.

    Former players Derrick Mason, Blaine Bishop, Kevin Dyson, Chris Sanders, Brad Hopkins and Zach Piller are also among over 60 current/ former Titans players and coaches expected to take part in the fundraiser.

    The “Pro-Bowling” Tournament is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 13 at the Hillwood Strike & Spare Family Fun Center in West Nashville.

    To purchase a team, contact Kristie P. Ryan at 615-298-3066 ext. 3335 or at the American Diabetes Association. Limited sponsorship opportunities are also available.

    Teams will consist of four bowlers, and a Titans player or coach will become a fifth member. Teams of four are $1,200 each, and prizes will be given away, along with a commemorative bowling shirt and a team photo with at least one of the celebrity bowlers.

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    It is a good cause. I am sure most of us know multiple people with Diabetes.

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