Player safety a key topic for competition committee

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    <em>Posted by's Paul Kuharsky</em> <p>INDIANAPOLIS -- The NFL's competition committee has obtained surveys from all the teams and is underway with its annual offseason procedures; reviewing the forms, determining the issues to be focused on and addressed.</p> <p>The committee started meetings Tuesday and will conclude this preliminary stage of their work Thursday or Friday. These initial talks then funnel into further meetings in Naples, Fla., that build up to the NFL Annual Meeting from March 22-25 in Dana Point, Calif.</p> <p>Co-chair Jeff Fisher and committee member Bill Polian both said earlier this week that they expect player safety to be among the primary topics.</p> <p>"If we look back this year, look back the last couple years, if there is a pattern, if there is some way to avoid some of the high-impact collisions that result in some injuries, then we'll look at it," Fisher said.</p> <p>Said Polian: "I think safety is going to be an obvious point of discussion. That's something that the commissioner has talked about quite a bit. There are lots of areas there that you can look at and I don't know which ones the league would have in mind but I am certain that we'll discuss it. Hits on defenseless players is always a subject of discussion."</p> <p>Central to that conversation could be <a href="" target="_new">Ryan Clark</a>'s <a href="" target="_blank">thundering hit</a> on <a href="" target="_new">Willis McGahee</a> during the AFC Championship Game.</p> <p>Polian said he expected other topics would include overtime rules, that the tuck rule is always covered and that he expected "given what happened in the Arizona-Philadelphia playoff game that we'll talk about reviewable plays under replay."</p>

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    i nominate introduction of a pink flag to be thrown when players hits are too rough. [​IMG]
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    Or we could just give all of them the yellow stress cards like Army recruits have during boot camp.

    Much like every other contact and dangerous sport/activity, you can only go so far with safety in football.
    In NASCAR, the drivers have flame suits, full face helmets, five point harnesses, and high quality roll cages. Drivers still get injured and occasionally die.

    My take is, if you can't endure the punishment, don't put the pads/helmet on.
    No one is holding a gun to their heads and forcing them to suit up and risk their health for a game.
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