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    I agree. I don't like the idea that they base their advertising campaign by bashing people who are most serious about working out just to appeal to those who are newbies but that is a business tactic that seems to be working.

    To be honest the best customer for a place like PF or any gym is somebody who doesn't work out, doesn't use the equipment but keeps paying every month.

    I really can't do any serious dead lifting or squatting anyway because i have borderline high on muscle enzyme tests. My CK's were running at 500 when i was using 400 lbs on the squat machine and more than that on the leg press machine. So i have to tone that down but that is how you really pack on the muscle.
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    YEP, I totally agree with this. When I found out the Y had different rates depending on who you were/what you were I left it. Not to mention that the weight room etiquette is non existent in the ones I used anyways.
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    We talk about the anti body builder mentality PF and other gyms have. Read the posts by JC Brave and you see what that mentality is.
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    I judge myself by the number of exercises i do every week. An exercise for me is 2 sets of 10. I get on a machine and do a set of ten and then rest for about 15 seconds and do another. That's one exercise. Sometimes i'll bang out 3 sets 1.5 exercises. A full workout is 10 exercises.

    At the Y i was averaging 23 exercises a week. 2.3 workouts basically. I was not going enough and not always doing a full workout because the machine i needed was not available or i was not motivated.

    Since starting at Planet fitness i'm averaging 35 exercises a week or 3.5 workouts. So 50% more than at the Y and if anything that is growing. My goal is 40.

    This morning i walked in there and pounded out 8 exercises. 3 of them on the abs which i wanted to concentrate more on. During 7+ years at the Y i NEVER worked out on a sunday ever!
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    I have a penis too, I prefer yoga :cool:
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    And if you don't set off the Lunk Alarm, your workout is useless.
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    gains bros, gains
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