Picking Locker over Kaepernick, biggest mistake this Titans ever made

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TheSureThing, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. The Playmaker

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    I think going Dyson over Moss might be the worst ever by us and Woolfolk is right there behind it.
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  2. SlidePiece

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    A lot of it is coaching. Jake would be worlds better under Harbaugh, and Kaepernick would probably be a disaster under Munch. SF actually has a system for Kaepernick to play in. Jake is on his own here.
  3. ImATitan

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    Yea, coaching plays a huge factor. We haven't done Locker any favors. We've made it super hard on him. I mean, this sounds obviously bad right now (Locker over Kaepernick) but let's give it at least one more year before we completely flip out.
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  4. TheSureThing

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    Even this team can't make a pretty ball look ugly. He throws a pretty damn good ball.
  5. TheSureThing

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    I'm all for deflecting blame on Munch, but lets be honest, you can't teach accuracy or composure. Jake just doesn't have it..
  6. Titaneers

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    i was kaep's biggest fan around the draft and really wished we got him...
    still saying... he probably wouldn't have done as well with us... SF's line is a beast and gets him so much time to make decisions... as the ravens figured out, he looks at his first target and runs if he's covered.... he's great.. but some of the credit has to go to his OL as well..
  7. J Falk

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    I still wouldn't say Kaepernick is better than Jake...yeah, he's on a better team in a much better situation, but I wouldn't say he's better quite yet...Definitely not ready to give up on Jake. That's 4sure.
  8. TheSureThing

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    you have my attention J Falk

  9. SlidePiece

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    You can improve it with good coaching, a system that fits the QB, and a decent o line. Locker has been very accurate. His problem is not being consistently accurate. He has footwork issues that can be fixed. And what QB would be composed behind our offensive line?

    Kaepernick is looking as good as he's going to look right now under Harbaugh, playing in the system that was designed for him. If they tried to make Kaepernick look like Tom Brady, he wouldn't look very good. That's not the type of QB he is. He is in one of the best situations in the league. Locker is in arguably the worst situation in the league.

    I'm not saying that Kaepernick is only good because he is playing under Harbaugh. I'm just saying that Kaepernick has a lot of things working in his favor right now. To compare the two QBs right now as if the situations they are in doesn't mean anything, isn't taking everything into consideration.

    Look at Matt Cassel in New England after Brady went down. He went 10-5 and looked great in that system. Then he goes to KC, and now look at him. Great coaches with great systems can make average QBs look great.

    We'll never know if Locker can be great unless he does it on his own, which I don't think will happen. Assuming that Kaepernick would play here like he has in SF is a stretch.
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  10. Titanup1982

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    Kaepernick is head over heels better than Jake.

    I am 5 '11" and could bat down a Locker throw.