Picking Locker over Kaepernick, biggest mistake this Titans ever made

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TheSureThing, Feb 3, 2013.

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    A 10 game sample size is enough to convince you? Take away an elite O-line, elite running game, elite defense, and see where he stands. The point is he is only asked to not lose games, not put a team on his back.

    He has yet to prove he can be a consistent pocket passer, or proven the ability to manage a pro style offense, or proven the ability to be an elite signal caller, or proven the ability to read defenses. At this point in his career he is a glorified game manager. He runs a one read option offense, and that is is. He has elite athleticism, but aside from that, I don't see any of the hype as justified.
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  2. Deuce Wayne

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    Have you seen Stanzi play yet?

    ... til then... You can't speak on that opinion.
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    Everything you're saying is reasonable and understood. I AM frustrated and venting. Part of my frustration is that our fan base DOESN'T demand more from the team. There is way too much tolerance and acceptance of mediocre performance. Fans buy into the rationalization and excuse making pushed forth by the franchise's PR team. It is a recipe for continued poor results.

    The things I "whine" about would be exposed to a larger degree in franchises that have had success. Fans would demand better by refusing to pay for a poor product.

    It comes down to this with me. (i recognize this is an unpopular opinion) I refuse to pay for a chit product. I'd rather Nashville lose the Titans as they have been the past 10 years than continue to pay for a bunch of excuses. I've had enough of that frustration and they've had enough of my money.

    This franchise is in the same category as the Browns, the raiders , the bills , etc with few if any signs they will be on the up. If fans don't demand better, they won't get better.
  4. The Hammer

    The Hammer Problematic AF

    High five for the Mark Twain quote

  5. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    We are in that bottom of the barrel category and it is horrible. 2008 was our last year that we looked like a winning team. The fact that they missed so hard on first round picks from that era on is just inexcusable and the root of the product now. Like TE raiders when the owner controlled the vision and direction.... Dude ran that team into the dirt. Much like us and reindfelt
  6. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Mad block of text coming. Sorry.

    1 16 Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
    3 77 Damian Williams WR USC
    3 97 Rennie Curran LB Georgia
    4 104 Alterraun Verner CB UCLA
    5 148 Robert Johnson DB Utah
    6 176 Rusty Smith QB Florida Atlantic
    6 207 Myron Rolle DB Florida State
    7 222 Marc Mariani WR Montana
    7 241 David Howard DT Brown

    ^^so we got a DE that still doesn't have a great track record, a 4/5 string WR, starting CB and a return guy. Not very good odds. Only 2 starters from this draft.

    1 30 Kenny Britt WR Rutgers
    2 62 Sen'Derrick Marks DT Auburn
    3 89 Jared Cook TE South Carolina
    3 94 Ryan Mouton DB Hawaii
    4 130 Gerald McRath LB Southern Mississippi
    4 135 Troy Kropog T Tulane
    5 173 Javon Ringer RB Michigan State
    6 203 Jason McCourty DB Rutgers
    6 206 Dominique Edison WR Stephen F. Austin St.
    7 239 Ryan Durand G Syracuse
    7 242 Nick Schommer DB North Dakota State

    ^^ little better looking draft if britt and cook were more consistent. Marks finally had a decent season 4 years later. McCourty with a 6th is crazy to think that our starting two CBs are a 4th and 6th rounders.

    1 24 Chris Johnson RB East Carolina
    2 54 Jason Jones DT Eastern Michigan
    3 85 Craig Stevens TE California
    4 103 William Hayes DE Winston-Salem State
    4 126 Lavelle Hawkins WR California
    4 134 Stanford Keglar LB Purdue
    7 229 Cary Williams CB Washburn

    ^^ CJ2k and a starting TE. Jones eventually washed out. I can live with this.

    1 19 Michael Griffin FS Texas
    2 50 Chris Henry RB Arizona
    3 80 Paul Williams WR Fresno State
    4 115 Leroy Harris C North Carolina State
    4 128 Chris Davis WR Florida State
    5 152 Antonio Johnson DT Mississippi State
    6 188 Joel Filani WR Texas Tech
    6 204 Jacob Ford DE Central Arkansas
    6 206 Ryan Smith CB Florida
    7 223 Michael Otto OT Purdue

    Griffin has been a starter for a minute... Wish it was more consistent but whatever, building blocks right... Henry in the second was a worthless ridiculous pick. Otto in the 7th nothing else...

    1 3 Vince Young QB Texas
    2 45 LenDale White RB USC
    4 102 Calvin Lowry DB Penn State
    4 116 Stephen Tulloch LB North Carolina State
    5 137 Terna Nande LB Miami (Ohio)
    5 169 Jesse Mahelona DT Tennessee
    6 172 Jonathan Orr WR Wisconsin
    7 215 Cortland Finnegan DB Samford
    7 245 Spencer Toone LB Utah
    7 246 Quinton Ganther RB Utah

    Young, coulda shoulda woulda been, the whale... C'mon. Finny with a 7th. That's dope but then we didnt retain the talent.

    1 6 Pacman Jones CB West Virginia
    2 41 Michael Roos T Eastern Washington
    3 68 Courtney Roby WR Indiana
    3 96 Brandon Jones WR Oklahoma
    4 108 Vincent Fuller DB Virginia Tech
    4 113 David Stewart T Mississippi State
    4 136 Roydell Williams WR Tulane
    5 142 Damien Nash RB Missouri
    5 150 Daniel Loper T Texas Tech
    6 179 Bo Scaife TE Texas
    7 218 Reynaldo Hill CB Florida

    Pacman ... Stupid. Roos in the second and Stewart in the 4th... Made up for this drat. . Scaife in the 6th... Seems about right considering his on field production.

    2 40 Ben Troupe TE Florida
    2 42 Travis LaBoy DE Hawaii
    2 57 Antwan Odom DE Alabama
    3 71 Randy Starks DT Maryland
    3 92 Rich Gardner CB Penn State
    4 103 Bo Schobel DE Texas Christian
    4 124 Michael Waddell CB North Carolina
    5 138 Jacob Bell G Miami (Ohio)
    5 165 Rob Reynolds LB Ohio State
    6 191 Troy Fleming RB Tennessee
    7 230 Jared Clauss DT Iowa
    7 239 Eugene Amano C Southeast Missouri State
    7 241 Sean McHugh TE Penn State

    ^^ o_O

    1 28 Andre Woolfolk CB Oklahoma
    2 60 Tyrone Calico WR Middle Tennessee State
    3 93 Chris Brown RB Colorado
    4 126 Rien Long DT Washington State
    5 154 Donnie Nickey DB Ohio State
    7 225 Todd Williams G Florida State


    1 15 Albert Haynesworth DT Tennessee
    2 45 Tank Williams SS Stanford
    3 77 Rocky Calmus LB Oklahoma
    4 110 Mike Echols CB Wisconsin
    4 115 Tony Beckham CB Wisconsin-Stout
    4 133 Rocky Boiman LB Notre Dame
    5 151 Jake Schifino WR Akron
    6 187 Justin Hartwig G Kansas
    7 225 Darrell Hill WR Northern Illinois
    7 240 Carlos Hall DE Arkansas

    Haynseworth.... Okay but then again we lost the talent and he wasn't that player consistently.

    2 60 Andre Dyson CB Utah
    3 90 Shad Meier TE Kansas State
    4 124 Justin McCareins WR Northern Illinois
    5 159 Eddie Berlin WR Northern Iowa
    6 192 Dan Alexander RB Nebraska
    6 199 Adam Haayer T Minnesota
    7 232 Keith Adams LB Clemson

    C'mon man.

    You can't look at these drafts and wonder much why it hasn't happened. We didnt draft well and we didnt retain much of the top talent that we did find. Roos is basically the oldest pick we have followed by griffin who most would rather see gone. We are currently still building a foundation for some of this team.

    Last could years

    1 20 Kendall Wright WR Baylor
    2 52 Zach Brown LB North Carolina
    3 82 Mike Martin DT Michigan
    4 115 Coty Sensabaugh CB Clemson
    5 145 Taylor Thompson TE Southern Methodist
    6 190 Markelle Martin FS Oklahoma State
    7 211 Scott Solomon DE Rice

    Wright might only be a second grade WR for us, Brown looks promising, Martin will be in rotation. Thompson... Eh who knows

    1 8 Jake Locker QB Washington
    2 39 Akeem Ayers LB UCLA
    3 77 Jurrell Casey DT USC
    4 109 Colin McCarthy LB Miami (Fla.)
    4 130 Jamie Harper RB Clemson
    5 142 Karl Klug DT Iowa
    6 175 Byron Stingily T Louisville
    7 212 Zach Clayton DT Auburn
    7 251 Tommie Campbell DB California (PA)

    Locker could easily look like a bust, Ayers has been balling, Casey is a starter for is, McCarthy is a start with some durability issues. Klug has made some good contributions, Campbell... Well he's a gunner on special teams lol

    Maybe my rosé colored shades aren't helping but I see a much stronger set of drafts in the past couple years and some smart drafting. You can look at locker and question that pick and that's fine... But Ayers, Casey, McCarthy and Klug bring some hope.

    Wright... Well hopefully the scheme helps contribute to his production better... He didnt really do any crazy ing impressing in year one. Brown and Martin both had starting/rotational contributions however.

    Add in another strong 3 starting players in the draft and go hard in free agency... The locker mistake could still be there but even if we clean house we have so,e good pieces from these more current drafts.
  7. TitansWillWin2

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    Im telling you that they will learn how to slow him down. He will be a one hit wonder. He may start the season off good but then will struggle down the stretch
  8. Ensconatus

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    Well here's the thing.. Just think about this a sec.

    With a running threat QB, how often does or will the defense play man? Kaep is probably faster than any MLB. So even with a spy it's really hard to defend him that way. So it makes defenses go to zone. He reads zone well. He just has to fire the ball into the open area between defenders.

    That all has nothing to do with the pistol. What pistol does for him is keep him from being under center. His 3/5 step drops arnt the greatest and he's had issues getting the snap. How do we overcome that? Pistol. Keeps the defense from being able to tee off like with shotgun because there's a more natural power o, dive, sweep run game. Once you add that to the running backs and the o line, it's really creative. Really well thought out. It's almost like playing out of traditional I formation, but with a couple added advantages for a less experienced QB. Instead of doing a huge drop, he drops back like he's doing a shotgun pass and rocks and throws quick strikes.

    Personally??? We need to adopt this formation ASAP. It can alleviate up some of lockers problems and give us a creative run game instead of the same ol same.
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  9. Scarecrow

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    I'd love to see us add a pistol formation, and lots of them. I think we have the players to really make it work.
  10. Ensconatus

    Ensconatus #ShoutboxAlley4Life

    Yup. Would really help with getting creative looks and maybe find a nice wrinkle to work from for locker.
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