Pick a team on the schedule and find a weakness

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by rodgev, May 21, 2013.


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    I've been spending a good bit of time at work these last 2 weeks watching the Steelers since it is the first game we play.

    Some quick things from watching them; their front 7 is confusing. They have a bunch of big bodied guys all sporting numbers in the 90's, and they all look about the same when they start doing their pre-snap stuff like moving and jumping around.

    Antonio Brown is a problem. He may be a little looking WR, but that guy will burn you with sweeps and screens. Gotta watch him big time this year.

    They'll also have a good offensive line for a change, Big Ben could go off on teams in 2013 so long as he doesn't rape anyone again and get suspended.

    And their RB's are horses, 230lbs+ each. Mike Griffin may want to call in sick that day.

    Pittsburgh really wont have many weakness in 2013 unless people get hurt, so hopefully Troy Polumalu breaks his leg the day before we play them. We could look to attack RG Ramon Foster #73, he's the weak link if there is one.
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    I knew this was coming :p

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    Some more things I think might help vs the Steelers is #24 Ike Taylor likes to get physical, a little too touchy at times. I bet we could bait him into some free yards from penalties.

    #28 Allen Cortez is another DB I'd target. Make that guy have to make a play, he probably wont, and we'll win that down.
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    They're another team with a questinable secondary. I'm no where near as impressed with their running game as you are. Yes their backs can get the tough yards but they're nothing special.They benefit from having a very stout O-line. Bell has the most potential out of the group but he's a rookie so we'll see.

    Their linebacking corps are also aging and in shambles IMO. They'll miss Harrison more than people think they will. Their d-line isn't really anything we can't handle either, not a single "dynamic" guy in that front 7 as far as I see. I think we'll out-steeler the Steelers pretty handily this year. Brown and Sanders will test our secondary early and often so either way we'll know what we have there.

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    One word, well two actually; LeVeon Bell.

    Thats their rookie RB they took in the 2nd round, and he's a less polished Adrian Peterson.
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    Steelers- They're getting old and lost some of their leadership with Harrison gone
    Houston- I still think their secondary is very suspect and you can rattle schaub if you can get pressure
    Chargers- Phillip Rivers use to be the best thing on this team now he's a weak link coming off of two terrible seasons (for him that his). Also their rushing attack isnt that great b/c Matthews is always hurt
    Jets- They dont have Tebow anymore lol jk! They have a big ? at qb and they lost Revis their best player. CJ will go off here.
    Chiefs- New qb in new system that has struggled when he has had to change coordinators. Also their seconday isn't the greatest in the world. CJ will go off here
    Seahawks- They have a QB that is young and will make mistakes. Expect a big drop off this year b/c teams will be better prepared for him and their offense.
    49'ers- Same as the Seahawks
    Rams- Bradford is a ? and their defense is not all that great. CJ will go off here.
    Jags- They have a big question mark at QB and their defense is terrible. CJ will go off here
    Colts- Luck will make mistakes by taking chances, also I'm not sold on their secondary
    Raiders- They are the raiders....enough said! They dont have a proven QB on that roster and their WR's dont scare me plus McFadden is always hurt as well. I see CJ goin off here
    Broncos- Hard to find a weakness here but I would have to say outside of Bailey, and he's not the same player he used to be 5 years ago, they dont have anyone in their secondary that scares me
    Cardinals- Carson Palmer is their qb and outside of Fitz, their rest of their offense sucks. We should be able to move the ball pretty easily against them.
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    How did he have success last season? In your opinion. I'm curious
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    He went to the superbowl. Thats pretty successful
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    The Jets

    Weakness: Front office, coaches, players, fans
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    Ill give you some weaknesses.

    Big Ben is out of shape and has been for awhile. He is also injury prone as ever. His deep ball is garbage.

    They lost their game changer on the offense in Wallace. This guy even when not getting balls thrown at him would stretch a defense out terribly. This allowed Ben to work underneath better.

    Todd Haley is cancer. Always has been, always will be, the west coast type offense they ran last year was not taken well in the locker room. People were pissed.

    They lost a few cogs in the defense and an aging Troy p. their interior D line has been old for 3 seasons. Harrison gone, as well as their other ILB.

    They replaced Wally and their RB in the draft but you can't count in Rookies to make that big of a splash.

    Their wrs are fast. Their o line has been redone. They COULD be decent. But ill hold out hope lol
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