Pick 168 of the 2019 NFL Draft: D'Andre Walker, Edge, Georgia

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by TitanJeff, Apr 27, 2019.

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  1. DoubleBlue

    DoubleBlue Highly Respected Poster

    Cant believe he was there late in the 5th. I was getting nervous after Jackson went, and i wanted Walker more anyways. Great pick up in the 5th.
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  2. Young54

    Young54 Starter

    Todd McShay didn't sound surprised he was taken in the 5th. Said he gets pushed off the ball easily, but can "develop into a situational pass rusher". I don't think they even mentioned him on NFL Network.

    I like McShay. Don't know much about this player outside of everyone here hyping him. We'll see. I trust Robinson. I'd say he's done ok in 5th round... cough Jayon Brown.
  3. Titanup1982

    Titanup1982 All-Pro

    Instant starter as an OLB? I wouldn't say instant. I'd 100% would say eventual starter though.
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  4. KyTitansFan

    KyTitansFan GM of GoTitans

    1. [​IMG] Tennessee Titans: D'Andre Walker, DE/OLB, Georgia A+ Grade
      I don't understand why D'Andre Walker fell to the fifth round, and if the NFL Network would stop showing promos of NFL100, we may have been told why. Walker was a terrific player over the past two years at Georgia. He can rush the passer well, hold up against the run and drop into coverage. The Titans had a big need at outside linebacker, and Walker should be able to fill it.
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  5. Fry

    Fry Welcome to the land of tomorrow!

    "Instant starter."

    You guys are insane.
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  6. Titan/Oiler34

    Titan/Oiler34 Special Teams Standout

    He has a nose for the ball, speed to track down people from the backside. He’s just under weight otherwise he’d have been gone in the 3rd. He puts on 15 and maintains his speed he’s a starter.
  7. LoneStarPhan

    LoneStarPhan Starter

    Sure seems like a great pick for late 5th round. I think it is very likely that he will be in the rotation this season and even though he may not be a starter, he should see some time on the field with the defense each game. He probably will also be a special teams contributor.
  8. Titan/Oiler34

    Titan/Oiler34 Special Teams Standout

    Just a side note, he gave Jonah Williams hell. FWIW.
  9. LoneStarPhan

    LoneStarPhan Starter

    From last night before the Titans selected Davis in the third round. Well played in getting Walker in the fifth round.

  10. Broken Arrow

    Broken Arrow Just a Fan....

    Mcshay also said Titans taking TE last two years... He's lost a lot of credibility in my book.
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