Phil Simms says Hasselbeck the real “Matty Ice”

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by Titans Insider, Oct 18, 2012.

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    I hear you man, I've never done it either, nor do I even know how and I can tell you it takes some good time too.

    The thing is though I used to live in a place where alcohol didn't exist, so it was literally the only option. The 'dads' (this is when I was younger) would all brew their own and have taste testing competitions at their houses every so often.

    It was really good fun that I do remember. As for the quality and taste of each, they were surprisingly different and unique - some of which were down right excellent.

    Course the sheer sight of BEER in a place that it 'doesn't exist' is good enough, no?
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  2. SlidePiece

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    :biglaugh: seriously?

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    He has. And don't tell me youre calling a trap game vs the Colts a game that counted the most. Overall Hasselbeck has done more and is more deserving of the title.
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    Scarecrow needs an IV with Fat Tire running through it..
  5. SlidePiece

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    He beat one good team all year! What do you mean a trap game? If you call a game that we needed to win to get into the playoffs a trap game, then so be it. They were the worst team in the league. All Hass had to do was show up, AND HE DIDN'T! What about the bengals game? What about Atlanta? What about the Houston blow out. He barely beat Houston's 2nd and 3rd stringers when they were trying to hand it to us. You've got to be kidding me. He tried his best to blow it at the end of the steelers game last week. If he didn't suck so much mid way through the season last year he wouldn't have even had to be "Matty Ice" at the end, WHICH HE WASN'T, AND FAILED TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS! Phil Simms didn't call him the real Matty Ice because of his play on the field, he said that because Hass is his friend. Same reason why Trent Dilfer drools all over him, or anyone for the matter. Because he's a nice guy. Same reason you're defending him righ now, and everyone else was defending him after last year. He's a nice guy! When he craps on the field everyone gives him a pass. I can't stand it. He's done! You can go have brunch with him or something, but don't sit here and act like he's still some great clutch QB, because he's not!
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    Any parent who lets their kid have a rat tail should be shot.
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