PFT outlook for Titans this season.

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    You're right on easy predictions, yes. And those are usually about the only predictions you make... so you can have this illusion of always being right.

    Your reasoning for us sucking this season goes like this:

    1. No more CJ
    2. New coaching staff/new scheme
    3. No more Verner

    This seems to be the common trend around here. As I've said, I'm not expecting playoffs or anything, but I have a hard time believing we're a 4 to 6 win team. I am expecting between 7 & 9 wins, and I will make the conservative prediction that we go 8-8.

    Let's break down your top three reasons (listed above) for us having a 4 to 6 win team this season:

    1. Oh no! No more 3.9 YPC and 0 yard gains 50% of the carries! How can we go on?! When you compare CJ to other backs in the league from 2008-2010, he's elite. When you compare CJ to other backs in the league from 2011-2013, he's mediocre or average, at best. Add in the fact that he was due $8mil and would not take a pay cut with us, cutting him was the only logical option. This is 2014 not 2009, dude. Just remember that.

    2. Oh no! We lost our godly coaching staff that was comprised of Mike Munchak, Dowell Loggains, and Jerry Gray! And we only replaced them with several coaches with big time experience in Super Bowls, coaching alongside Dick LeBeau and the Steelers! Clearly this new coaching staff we have is worse than Munch's! Our HC is actually going to be able to call plays on offense... And he turned the Chargers from the 31st ranked offense into a top 5 offense in one season. Oh god, I almost forgot we're changing schemes on defense. How can we go on without Jerry Gray? How can we get by with a guy who, in one season, switched the Browns from a 4-3 to a 3-4 (with a group of players no better than ours) and improved them from 23rd to 9th on defense? It just doesn't seem possible!

    3. Finally a logical, valid point to be made. However, our pass rush is bound to be better and we were able to add some new guys we otherwise would not have been able to. I don't see a big drop off here with increased pressure.

    My favorite part about the negativity... people only talk about what we've lost and not what we've gained. I'm not completely sold on Woodyard, but the guy will make tackles and is a vocal leader on defense - a solid sh*t talker. And I am most excited about the addition of Shaun Phillips. Not to mention guys like Ayers and Wimbley may end up being more effective in the 3-4.

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    Smartest thing I've read today
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    Who talks more Pollard or Woodyard?

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    We haven't heard much from Pollard since wrapping up 2013. Woodyard has been active with the media lately. Is Woodyard a known loud mouth like Pollard?
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    10 and we in. Then go from there.
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    I'm not trying to be a stickler, but it's actually supposed to be "...I'm more right than wrong."
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    From what I've heard, yes he is.
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    That's not true. You can be "right more", but you can't be "more right".

    The adjective "right" cannot be modified. It's like saying "more pregnant".
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    How about 'I am right more often than not'?

    Jesus ****
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    how bout for every 1 time im wrong im right 3 times