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    Of note:

    "Making his Casey
    Jurrell Casey has quietly developed into one of the league’s better interior players. His +3.9 grade represents three straight games in the green and above +2.0, and though he didn’t manage to record more than a single hurry, he beat linemen on a couple of occasions only to find the pass gone before he could get to the quarterback — and he did also bat down a pass at the line. He capped that off by making a nuisance of himself in the run game where his leverage and penetration made him a constant headache for the San Diego line to deal with."

    "Chance Warmack graded negatively in the run game for the first time this year (-1.9)"

    Casey is pro-bowl material...maybe he can make that jump to Geno Atkins status by year end - if he hasn't started to already.

    Chance is worrying a little bit - but I think he just needs some time to gel into the NFL. We're winning so it's ok for now.

    Locker has a whole paragraph in the story as well.
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    I thought Chance actually played pretty well. I'll watch him more closely when I watch the game for a second time, but I thought he was getting to the second level better than he did the first two weeks. Still no penalties.
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    I like this part:

    While Kenny Britt was working his way through every conceivable bad thing a WR can do in this game, Nate Washington was doing what Nate Washington does, quietly perform very well, delivering when called upon. Britt opened the game with a drop on the first pass play, then false started on the next one, before catching a pass and getting hit, the spin from which caused him to come crashing to ground on his face, popping the ball out. He ended the day catchless despite five targets, with a pair of drops. Washington, on the other hand, was thrown at 10 times, catching eight of those balls for 131 yards. He was unfortunate not to have another long gain on a deep pass down the sideline where he was adjudged to have caught the ball out of bounds. He had burned the corner on that play and a better pass from Locker could have led him to a long touchdown rather than out of bounds.
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    I thought the entire OL did great pass-blocking on that final drive.

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    Casey has been killing it all year since camp. And he's not afraid to tell you what he's about to do before he goes and does it.
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    He's actually ranked 2nd of all defensive tackles using PFFs grading scale.