Peterson sent home as Del Rio sends message

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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Jacksonville coach Jack Del Rio is working to hold his team together.

    But two days after he question the group's chemistry and on a day it was revealed he shuffled some players' positioning in the locker room, he sent veteran linebacker Mike Peterson home Wednesday in what says was a disciplinary move.

    "Mike Peterson was sent home today and did not practice," Del Rio said. "We're working through this process seeking an appropriate conclusion."

    The report from inside team headquarters said that Del Rio was unhappy with a sack celebration by Peterson in the third quarter of Sunday's loss in Cincinnati, during what was the Bengals first win of the season.

    In his press conference with local media before practice, Del Rio declined to share much about the locker room alterations.

    "It's really not important," he said. "It's really private stuff. I felt there was a need to move a few guys around. I want to make sure we've got the right type of culture going on in the locker room, the right type of interaction. Just trying to stimulate that a little bit. Sometimes just a little bit of change is good. We definitely don't want to be comfortable with the way things are going right now."

    Peterson's contract is up after this season and he has said he doesn't expect he'll be in their plans beyond this season.

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