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    I don't think its the way most people would want us to go and most probably don't but for some reason i think if we don't get a center in free agency then we at least need to entertain the idea of picking Peter Konz at the center position in the first round of the draft this year.

    We definitely need to get that taken care of or the same 'ol problems and issues will rear their ugly head once again.Its bound to happen with Amano somewhere down the line so why not draft Konz then move Amano back where he belongs and it could really change things for our offensive line.

    Anyone think its good or bad idea to think about grabbing Konz in the first round?
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  2. xpmar9x

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    I agree, but I feel like Konz is slightly overrated. He's only projected 1st, due to their not being any other centers available that are 1st round grade.

    He's athletic, and most scouts see him as a "pass blocking center". He doesn't have the strength and technique to be a punishing center to pave ways for his RBs in the NFL.

    I like the guy, but I see him as mid-2nd talent, and don't think we should use our first on him. I'd much rather sign Dan Koppen for 2 years, and draft Ben Jones (3rd round) or a center next year.
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    I am definitely hoping we might be able to get a center in free agency.I would really rather not pick a center with our first pick either to be honest but i am hoping we get something done at that position so we don't have to see Amano at center anymore.
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    I like Peter Konz and I think he is as good of a center prospect as either one of the Pouncey brothers. I am a little concerned about him only getting 18 reps at the combine but I've seen him bowl over defenders plenty of times during games so I have no doubts to the power in his game. Konz will be a great center in this league and would be a great guy to grow with Locker (Think Manning - Saturday).

    I doubt we draft him though as DE and DT are bigger needs. If Phillip Blake is still there in round 2 I'd grab him though. Still/Blake/Martin is my dream draft right now.
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    I see them addressing C in the draft, but not in the 1st round
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    good write-up on the centers in the draft....

    if i had to guess i think we'll land one of those 2nd tier guys for sure...

    David Molk out of michigan looks to be a combine beast, just a bit undersized though.

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    Reasons to draft Konz at 20
    1.) solidifies the offensive line
    2.) makes us complete on one side of the ball
    3.) like it or not 20 is where Centers start coming off the board
    4.) Eugene Amano

    Reason not to draft Konz at 20
    1.) D-Line needs the help
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    To echo what others have said. Konz is slightly overrated. Center is a weak position this year and he's the best of a weak class. I think in a normal draft he'd at least be a 2nd rounder. I watched him play a few times and he did ok, but got beat a few times more than I'm comfortable with.

    I agree that Amano is a huge liability at center but that doesn't mean we have to go spend our 1st round pick on a center. Having Hutchison already makes our interior line better.

    We have to get some D-linemen that can rush the QB. There will be a good DT there for sure (this class is stacked there) and possibly a good DE. We have to go that route first.
  9. gran54

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    Amano sucks, so we clearly need a center, but I can see getting one in the 2nd or 3rd now that we have Wimbley.
  10. Titans1981

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    Denver Center

    Who is Denver's center? If the Broncos add Jeff Saturday is their current Center worth a look?