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    Posted by's Paul Kuharsky Playoff scenarios and implications for Indianapolis and AFC South champion Tennessee, which has also clinched a first-round bye, this weekend:


    Indianapolis clinches a playoff spot with:
    1) IND win + NE loss + NYJ loss or tie OR
    2) IND win + NE loss + MIA loss or tie OR
    3) IND win + MIA loss + NYJ loss.

    The Colts host Detroit, while New England is at Oakland, the Jets host Buffalo and Miami hosts San Francisco.


    Tennessee clinches home field advantage throughout AFC playoffs with:
    1) TEN win + PIT loss or tie OR
    2) TEN tie + PIT loss.

    The Titans are at Houston while Pittsburgh is at Baltimore.

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    I don't think there is any doubt Indy will clitch this weekend and if not then forsure the next week. The way I see it we want Indy to be the 5 so lets hope they win out besides the final game of the season. Here is an intresting fact however, if Pittsburgh loses to Baltimore and then we beat them, Pitt would be the 6 seed. Which means we would likely see Pittsburgh in the 2nd round and Indy in the conference championship. Denver, New England, or Miami will not beat Pittsburgh so there you have it.
Thread Status:
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