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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by gkgtchey, Jan 6, 2011.

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    Here my latest realistic mock draft for what we might do:

    Round 1: Blaine Gabbert-QB-Missouri Tigers


    We need a new QB and as much as I hate to say it, Blaine is probably the best option for us. He has a lot of issues that need serious scrutiny and ironing out but he also has a lot of upside. I'm not a huge fan of this pick but it is the main position we need and I see us drafting for it in the 1st. He has a quick release and a fluid throwing motion, top shelf arm strength and velocity, and ideal frame and is very accurate with short throws. But he is the product of a spread offense, doesn't go through progressions properly, has limited to no experience under center and has only started for two years. It would be a risk to draft him here, but one that I think the coaching staff will think they have to take.

    Round 2: DeAndre McDaniel-SS-Clemson


    I know a lot of people think this guy might drop in the 3rd, but I think that is highly unlikely. McDaniel is the best SS in the draft, the guy has everything you want in a SS. He is a great ballhawk and gets you interceptions but not just that he has a solid tackle (unlike Chris Hope) and you can trust him to make the tackles you expect an SS to make. He would probably be a week 1 starter and in my opinion he would be good value in round 2.

    Round 3: Jarvis Jenkins-DT-Clemson


    Before you ask, no I am not a Clemson fanboy, it just so happens to be that the best two guys on the board were both from Clemson. Jarvis Jenkins is the perfect guy we need as a DT. He is a huge run stopper and gives us good size at the position for once. He is also god at creating pressure on the QB, and eventhough he doesn't always get the sack, pressure creates oppurtunities for the secondary which is why you might see so much production from a guy like McDaniel. Jenkins is a solid pick here.

    Round 4: Lawrence Wilson-OLB-Connecticut


    Lawrence Wilson is the type of OLB we need, he is a solid player through and through and will contribute in any way possible which is what you want in a 4th round selection. He can actually cover TE's and also gives you enough production in terms of tackles to maybe challenge for a starting spot. We need to add to our linebacking corps early and Wilson would bring excellent value and good skills to our linebacking group.

    Round 5: Jake Kirkpatrick-C-TCU

    You know what your going to get with Kirkpatrick, your going to get a solid guy who is hard working and dependable. With Amano being absolutely terrible a C, he need a challenger and If Matthews and Kirkpatrick were challenging behind him then he would certainly find it tough to keep the starting position. Kirkpatrick would be a solid pick here, he has the skill to play the entire interior line and at minimum he would be a solid back up.

    Round 6: Ugo Chinasa-DE-Oklahoma State

    Even if we re-sign Babin (which I hope we do), we still need to add to our DE's. Chinasa is a project who could eventually turn out into a pretty nice player. He has had pretty solid production in college and would merit a sixth round selection. He would certainly fill a need which could be gaping if Ford, Ball and Babin all leave unreplaced.

    Round 7: Lee Smith-TE-Marshall

    I would love to add a RB with this pick but after what Palmer said at his press conference I think it is unlikely that we will. We will have Stafon, CJ and Ringer who I think the coaching staff will be comfortable with. Lee Smith would fill a need with Scaife likely to leave in free agency. Smith is a dominant blocker which we will need with Cook probably starting. He will be used with Stevens when we used two blocking TE's for running plays and he also has solid ability in receiving for suprise plays.

    I am not a great fan of all the picks I made but based on what I have heard in the press conferences and the feelings I am getting from Coach Munchak I think this is a pretty realistic draft in terms of what positions they want to get.
  2. ScotTitan

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    I like most of the picks in this mock draft.
    1.I'm just not sold on Gabbert. At 8, I'll probably be upset.
    2.Great pick this guy is solid and god knows we need a SS.
    3.Jenkins, good pick, him or Austin are both steals in third round.
    4.Not bad, if he can even get close to opposing TE's then that would be something.
    5.I have this guy in everyone of my mocks. Hope he lasts till the 5th.
    6.we will need a DE from somewhere.
    7.Have mocked him as well. Big blocking TE. Potential

    THE_TITAN Starter

    I don't really like the Gabbert pick either but I had to make it. We need a new QB and although he's not perfect, he is probably the best option for us in the draft. I would personally take a QB in the 2nd but I don't think thats how our franchise is thinking and by the looks of it they will take a QB in round 1.

    I like all the other picks I made and think they are all good picks. All in all I would be pleased with this draft and it will be interesting to see how it pans out.
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