People who are hating on Vince Youngas our pick

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by whitevick331, May 7, 2006.

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  1. whitevick331

    whitevick331 Guest

    People who are hating on vince young.....Your kidding right! Young against a USC team that is basically a NFL team, took them and bacially said no ur not better than texas or me. he single handily took the USC defense, with NFl player potential on it, and said screw you, you cant stop me. he single hanidly beat a NFL style team. All the hype, all the greatness in USC got shut down by one player, VINCE YOUNG. Also the kid has fun. Thats why i liked him better, he jokes, he luaghs, he makes the best out of every game and situation. He will not crack under pressure. Look at what teams HE beat this year. He is the leader we have been looking for. Hes the one that the guys can look to for a leader and for a job to be done. And dont talk cuz young would **** on sorgi, hes better than that bum right now then he will ever be. Dont hate on young. And also for all u madden gamers....with young on our no one will beat us lol
  2. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    hmm... gt3801... here he comes... :spit:

    Drink the KOOL-AIDE! I'm with you! Can't say any NCAA team is NFL calibur.
    The Texans are better than that USC team.

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  3. Gunny

    Gunny Shoutbox Fuhrer

    simple fact is not everyone will be supporting the pick.
    No draft pick will ever get 100% backing from the fans.
  4. SEC 330 BIPOLAR

    SEC 330 BIPOLAR jive turkey

    that may be true but if you can't get on board with a dynamo like Young... I don't know... the die has been cast. If anyone can win over and unite a fan base Vince Young can. He will be league MVP by year 5.
  5. I can understand why some people don't like picking Young. Despite all his talent, he has a high degree of risk because he played in a very unconventional offense at Texas.
  6. Nine

    Nine Starter

    In a league that tends to be conservative to a fault, the Titans rolled the dice in a big way. Not surprisingly, many people have questioned the Titans' decision. Very understandable.

    That being said, the very idea of grading any team's draft is nothing more than counting chickens before they're hatched. With the boom-or-bust nature of this draft, the final grade won't be realized for at least three years....this draft could send the organization into a tailspin for years to come, or it could be the birth of the next NFL dynasty.

    But one thing is certain: these pundits and prognosticators' draft grades will not have one iota of influence over the development of the players. And four or five years from now, when the Titans are running roughshod over the rest of the league, these same "experts" will be claiming that they knew it all along.
  7. no doubt about it
  8. guitarjunkie

    guitarjunkie We're Screwed...

    We got him, might as well support him til we have a reason not too. I was leanin tward Cutler pretty heavy. When we picked him I piled on the band wagon, koolaide in hand. Go Vince!!!
  9. Titanville

    Titanville Need New Coach

    Well, reguardless what happens it will definately be fun to watch him grow with the team and see how it all turns out.
  10. well i think that it will be good, because i know that a lot of the guys on the team such as keith bullock for example wanted them to pick him, which is a good sign
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