Paul Kuharsky Tells Titans To Take Down Old Players & Get With The New

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    I was trying to think of the most exciting more recent players, and sadly the names to float up from my subconscious were .... Vince, Pacman, and Haynesworth. They were exciting at times, but not exactly something we want to remember how it ended with them. Bulluck is sortof the last "face" of the franchise imho.

    Of current players, is there anybody on the team that we're convinced we're going to make a centerpiece of the team? Locker - many here are talking about replacing him. Probably a QB makes sense as new face, but that'd be a risk if they're not sure he's the guy - esp w/ injuries. CJ, probably won't be here. Casey - yeah I hope we keep him, but can he be a face of the franchise? Same w/ Roos. Maybe one day our young wideouts might become that guy - I have high hopes - but that day hasn't come yet.

    I guess given the options, I still think guys like Eddie, Steve, and Frank are who should be there.
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    So until that day it should be Eddie, Mac, Wycheck etc. That's an honor that should be earned not just because you are on the team now.