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Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans and NFL Talk' started by NewHorizans, Jan 25, 2014.

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    No one was excited about the decision to keep munch around. I vowed not to watch the Titans if they kept him, but the reason a lot of people were alright with him being around is because they realized that 2014 was going to be a wait and see type of season if Munchak stayed. That way the FO could decide on both Locker and Munchak, to completely either turn a 180, or extend them both.
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    Well how would you know that with only 100 posts?

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    Been following for years just got fed up with the annoying people such as yourself and wanted to publicly humiliate them by pointing out the facts such as this.

    Mike Munchak: Should Tennessee Titans Keep or Fire Coach?
    • Fire Him, Don't Allow Return (46%, 394 Votes)
    • Fire Him, But Allow Demotion to OL Coach (34%, 294 Votes)
    • Keep Him for 2014 (20%, 168 Votes)
    Total Voters: 856
    Should the Titans fire Mike Munchak?

    • 57% Yes (802 votes)
    • 43% No (608 votes)
    1410 votes total

    Poll: How do you feel about Titans coach Mike Munchak getting fired?

    • I disagree with the decision. He's done a lot of good things for the team. 21.36% (639 votes)
    • I am happy with it. The Titans' record since he's been coach speaks for itself. 73.49% (2,198 votes)

    • I don't know 5.15% (154 votes)

    Total Votes: 2,991
    sucks to suck.
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    What do those stupid lists prove? There's still a lot of people voting for munch to stay.

    Obviously there is going to be a vast majority saying to
    Cut him (I hope) I'm not sure where your argument is other than you're just trying to argue and troll me. I said there were a good group of people on this board who were fine with giving him another year (there were)

    So you didn't humiliate me and maybe you should go post on those other lame ass titans sites and read some more graphs and not take it quite so seriously. Dude.

    At least post a funny gif or meme if you're going to try to beast someone on here.
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    Not a huge fan but bad titans coverage is better than no titans coverage.
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    Come on TWW2. Admit this was you :p

    Chris Johnson (Florida)​

    Yo paul, I had more combined yards and td's then Gore had this season yet people call me a scrub and praise him. Could you imagine what I would do on a team of that caliber with that line?
    Paul Kuharsky​

    (12:19 PM)

    Did he make $10 million?

    And this one if for Tennessy XO:

    Cyrus (Titans Report)​

    Silly argument to blame the OL anyways for CJ. Even if that's true, you're still not getting value from his contract. A $8M RB failing to produce with questionable blocking isn't any better than an $8M who's not playing well. Too much to pay a guy without elite production regardless of who's fault it is.
    Paul Kuharsky​

    (12:21 PM)

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