Paul George DESTROYS Birdman!

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by GeronimoJackson, May 25, 2013.

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    This is the only example I can think of. And that was during the dead era between Jordan and LeBron.
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    Never gave him anyone? You sure?

    The gave him Ben Wallace just after he was DPOY in the NBA. They gave him Wally Z when he was considered a top 3pt shooter in the NBA. They gave him Mo Williams, a PG that could score 20 a night on average. They gave him a declining Shaq that was still averaging 18ppg. They gave him Antwan Jamison a guy averaging 20 ppg....

    Saying they gave him no one is silly.

    They had the best supporting team in the NBA (stats support this) and had the league best record 2 yrs in a row. Meanwhile Lebron fell on his face and laid goose-eggs when playoffs came.

    So he ran away to a team where the pressure wouldn't be on him in the clutch.
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    Rasheed Wallace? Ben Wallace?

    Then Chauncey Billups and Rip Hamilton were legit themselves. Teyshawn Prince was also very good back then.

    Maybe not any legends, but they had a great team.
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    They had 5 very good players (starters, can't remember the bench). I don't think any of them would be considered great.
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    Ben Wallace went to Cleveland 3 years after he was DPOY. He was bad for Chicago and had a lot of injury issues. His rebound numbers were way down on Cleveland. Wally Szczerbiak? He was a one dimensional player and wasn't that good for for Cleveland. Mo Williams was good. His best years were in Cleveland. LeBron clearly made him better. Shaq and Jamison were on the decline.
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    Clyde still averaged 21 on 50 percent shooting when he helped Houston win back-to-back titles.

    Duncan was a top 10 player, Parker and Ginobli were both all-star/near all-star caliber players.
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    Correct, they didn't have a superstar but they had 5 very good players in the starting line-up, people forget they had 4 players from that same starting line-up make the all-star team 2 years later, and they also had one of the best defensive teams of all time.
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    Duncan is right there with Kobe and LeBron as far as best players of last 15 years.

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    I'd take Duncan over LeBron any day, Duncan is the man. But Im mad at him until this season is all over, f'ker bounced my team out of the playoffs.
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    This is the dumbest thing I've read on the internet in 2013.

    How is this the best thing that's happened to the NBA? "Super stars" colluding and trying to make "Super Teams" just so they can win a ring? That completely destroyed any integrity the game of professional basketball had left. Now, if you're an "all-star" and you want a ring, just get together with your all-star friends and get one for free! Even Ray Allen turned punk and back-stabbed Boston to try to finish with a ring. It's disgusting.

    The sport is a joke now. I mean, consider the 90s Bulls, they did it the right way. MJ was drafted by them and Pippen was drafted by them (well, the Bulls traded for him in the draft), and it was the front office putting the pieces together. Same could be said for the Spurs. Hell, same could be same about damn near every team EXCEPT the cHeat.

    As for leaving Cleveland being the best for him:
    Not really. Most people hate LeBron now. I remember reading about how Magic was asking why LeBron doesn't do commercials anymore, and one of his co-hosts pointed out how most people don't like him anymore. For the general populace, LeBron is a cheater and a quitter. Some people have no sense of integrity and want to celebrate the loser, but the majority will root against the cHeat regardless of who is playing against them.

    And really, LeQuit may have won a championship in Cleveland if he had stayed. I mean, look at what's happened to the East in the NBA. The Celtics have gotten old, the Bulls have been injured the past two seasons... the only competition are teams like the Knicks and Pacers, neither of which are championship quality and neither of which could have hung with what Cleveland was. Had LeBron remained in Cleveland and won, most people would have celebrated with him, and I think a lot more people would take his claim as "GOAT" a little bit more seriously. But having bailed on his hometown and crawled to Miami with his tail between his legs so that Chrissy Bosh and Wade could get his ring for him... no, that's not something the "GOAT" does. MJ didn't do it, Kobe never did it, so... LeBron is out of that discussion as far as I am concerned.