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    SUMMARY: Coach Jeff Fisher: "This is young, young, talented football team that has a lot of promise ahead of them. They have nothing to be disappointed about today. We didn’t play our best game, we didn’t play particularly well. We did some things that are uncharacteristic of us today. But, I would say on behalf of the staff and the organization (I am) very, very proud of their effort and what we were able to accomplish the second half of the season. We have a lot to look forward to."

    QB Vince Young: "Overall as a team we fought real hard just to get a taste of the playoffs. Whoever thought we would be able to get to this point. To me I’m proud of my teammates as well as myself as well as the fans that stood behind us, throughout the season. As a team we could have gave up and as fans they could have gave up, but we all believed in each other. The fans believed in us and whoever else around the world believed in us and we all stayed focused."

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