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Discussion in 'NFL Draft' started by Titans2008, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. Vince10

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    If you want a dominant pass rusher at DE who also dominates at the point of attack against the run and can chase down plays from the backside, resurrect Reggie White. Short of that, you gotta live with a guy who does some things better than others.

    Right now we are desperate for a pass rush from the DL. Few posters here seem to understand how seriously we need that without at least tempering their statements with something about run defense. I don't think Freeney will be available in FA, but a player of that type would make our defense a LOT better. Giving up 3.5 ypc vs. 4 ypc (or whatever) is great and all, but 10 yard sacks end drives, and you only need one. Also, a strong pass rush opposite KVB would increase his sack total by flushing the QB in his direction and forcing offenses to rotate their protection schemes away from him.
  2. The Playmaker

    The Playmaker pineapple pizza party

    When would Willis play though?
  3. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    How about this season?

  4. Tennessee

    Tennessee Guest

    You Tube Video on Patrick W....Wow

    I Love You Tube... Patrick Willis ALL WORLD LB:

    then there's this one somebody made from the Senior Bowl:

    and if those don't make you hope he falls to our Pick... Watch him Pursue and Tackle D. McFadden...

    ... Look, I like Nickel w/Finnegan and/or the Thornton, Tulloch, Bulluck combo very much, but you have got to find a place for this MAN Willis on our team if he's anywhere near our pick.
  5. PAtitansfan53

    PAtitansfan53 Kush & OJ

    Just pick this kid and let tulloch be our pirmary backup at all 3 spots. If we don't take him and he's available we will regret he's gonna be defensive rookie of the year and all pro player for years to come.
  6. Gut

    Gut Pro Bowler


    First, I don't think Willis will be there when we pick. I think he'll be the first LB off the board.

    Second, if he's there he'll definitely be one of our considerations. Question is...what will be there? A DT, a WR, a S, a RB, a Willis?

    I think Willis will come out of Indy strong (almost hoping he only runs avg) on most boards and when they go back to watch his tape, he'll be a top 15 pick waiting to happen. Of course, he is a MLB and the knock on him has been his pass coverage (would you take a 2 down MLB in rnd 1?). Then again, he did improve a lot in this area in the Senior Bowl practices.

  7. is willis better than aj hawk was last year?
  8. where do you guys get this stuff from?

    We are not going to take a Linebacker with our 1st pick so you some of you people should stop wastin your time even mentioning that.That move would be idiotic and doesn't make any sense.We are clearly set at linebacker and would only draft it for depth.Tulloch is our future MLB,theres no if ands or buts about it but he's not starting next year i can assure you that.Fisher is going to go out and get a vetran guy in FA.He's stated numerous times that he's going to compete for it and with someone not on our team.Don't be surprised if he goes out and grabs a guy like Fletcher from buffalo. As far as DE, Freeney is a monster and anyone says that hes not one of the elite DE in this league need to put the pipe down. With him gettin the Tag the only noticable DE out there are Rucker and Charles Grant.I've said all along Grant would be a solid pick up if the Saints don't sign him. Rucker would be a good pick up if he was cheap.

    Gut your one of few on here that know what your talking about and i like some of the points you bring up when you discuss certain topics.
  9. Bobo

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    Sure there's ifs, ands, and butts :moon2: about Tulloch as our future Mike. He's small, an average athlete, made quite a few mistakes....and I like him. But I doubt he'd be as good a LB as Willis. I think Mike is further down on the needs list, but you gotta look at BPA too.

    I was rewatching the last Jags game this year and noticed how much we kept 3 lb's on the field while facing 3 WR's (was more than I remembered). 3-3-5, or regular 4-3. We also used the 4 lb package (I believe with Bockwoldt mostly) quite a few times.
  10. every rookie makes quite a few mistakes....
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