Patchwork line, CJ struggle in run game

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    INDIANAPOLIS With right tackle David Stewart and left guard Steve Hutchinson going on injured reserve last week, the Titans started a patchwork offensive line against the Colts.

    It showed in the running game.

    Chris Johnson managed only 44 yards on 19 carries in the 27-23 loss to the Colts. His longest gain was eight yards.

    “I thought the line overall was solid for having guys moved around and it’s hard to tell where some of the breakdowns were,” coach Mike Munchak said. “But I thought we were in position to make enough plays to win the game.”

    Left tackle Michael Roos was the only line starter remaining from the group that began training camp, as Eugene Amano, Leroy Harris, Hutchinson and Stewart have all gone on IR.

    Fernando Velasco moved from center to guard against the Colts, allowing Kevin Matthews to play center, his natural position.

    Quarterback Jake Locker was sacked only once, though he was forced to scramble several times.

    “Everybody played hard,” Roos said. “Guys stepped up and did what they could.”

    Johnson had complained about a lack of carries after getting only 13 (for 51 yards) in last week’s loss to the Texans. After gaining 80 yards or more in six straight games, he now has back-to-back games with less than 52 yards.

    “We tried to stay with the run game as long as possible,” offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains said. “It was frustrating — we had an average of 2.3 yards per carry. You have to be better than that running the football. I’m sure there’s multiple things that go into it and it’s hard to talk about until you see the tape.”

    Johnson did reach the 1,000-yard mark (1,037) with three games to play.

    “I don’t really want to make excuses. It’s just the situation,” Johnson said. “That’s what we have. It was just one game and we have to continue to work and get better.”

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