Panic Button: Houston's quarterbacks

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    [​IMG]Schaub Problem: The Texans are 0-2 and quarterback Matt Schaub has not played well at all so far. He's got only one touchdown to go with five interceptions. Expectations were high for Houston,Â*but their two performances sandwiched around an unscheduled bye forced by Hurricane Ike were not at all what they had hoped.
    Time to hit the panic button? No
    Solution: Two games in is too quick to make a change to Sage Rosenfels. The Texans have backed Schaub since the end of last season, when he missed a good share of action due to injury. If everyone else was playing well and he wasn't, then perhaps a change would be the right move. But the Texans need to give him better protection and his top receiver, Andre Johnson, needs to catch passes he gets his hands on. The defense can help out, too. How about a stop in the red zone? Houston has allowed a TD all eight times an opponent has gotten inside the 20-yard line.
    Rosenfels is an attractive alternative. But the Texans need to rally around Schaub and wait to assess things until after Week 8. If things haven't improved dramatically after a stretch where the Texans play host Miami, Detroit and Cincinnati, Gary Kubiak might have to make the switch.

Thread Status:
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